NFL Rumors: Latest Pre-Trade Deadline Chatter

Thomas Galicia@thomasgaliciaContributor IIOctober 29, 2012

NFL Rumors: Latest Pre-Trade Deadline Chatter

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    Tuesday marks the NFL's trade deadline, usually one of the more quiet ones among pro sports.

    This is usually due to the complexities of the game, as well as the salary cap.

    Teaching a player a brand-new system is tough enough when they come into training camp in July; coming in halfway through the season could only be tougher.

    But some players—mostly at skill positions like running back and wide receiver—do find themselves heading somewhere else halfway through the season, and do succeed in their new home.

    Some teams may feel the need to add a weapon or two to their arsenal to give them the extra push needed to head to the postseason.

    Here's a look at some players that might be on their way out of their current homes to find a new, and hopefully better, place to play.

LeGarrette Blount

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    How safe is it to say that LeGarrette Blount is finished in Tampa Bay?

    After Doug Martin's breakout performance against the Vikings, it's a very safe bet, so it shouldn't be shocking that many NFL executives wouldn't be surprised if Blount is moved out of Tampa Bay, per's Jason La Canfora.

    Blount does have value for teams looking for a boost to their running game, and with only one year and $540,000 left on his deal (salary provided by, he would be an attractive piece that includes a low cap risk.

    Blount would likely only warrant a late-round draft pick, so don't be too surprised if the Buccaneers aren't able to find a suitor and wind up letting him go on waivers later on in the season.

DeAngelo Williams

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    DeAngelo Williams is another NFC South running back that finds himself on the trading block, and word is out that the Panthers are marketing him aggressively.

    According to

    "Jonathan Stewart is now the featured back," confirms beat writer Joe Person. Stewart's Dynasty owners finally rejoice. It's telling that Williams was demoted as the Panthers overhauled their running scheme and fired the GM that handed him a ridiculous $43 million contract. Earning a prorated $5.25 million, Williams can be had for a song at the deadline. The Packers make sense as a landing spot, but it's not like GM Ted Thompson to part with draft picks. If Williams isn't moved, it seems the Panthers will cut him and swallow the $8 million cap hit in the offseason.

    Think about that $8 million cap hit, and you will know why there's a good chance that Williams won't be going anywhere for the next week, at least not in exchange for any draft picks.

    $8 million is a lot to spend on someone who likely won't be on your team next season. The contract itself was a mistake the day the Panthers signed it, and now it's an albatross that will continue to affect them in the offseason.

Matt Moore

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    Going back to the Jason La Canfora article mentioned a couple of slides ago, Dolphins backup quarterback Matt Moore is reportedly someone that many GMs expected to move, stating that Moore is likely to leave Miami "should a club like Arizona feel it needs to make a move with Kevin Kolb injured and John Skelton struggling."

    However, with an injury to rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill against the Jets in Week 8, it's likely that Moore won't be going anywhere.

    Tannehill will have his knee and quad checked out on Monday (h/t Armando Salguero of The Miami Herald), and while Tannehill seems confident that he will be able to play in Indianapolis in Week 9, the Dolphins will likely hang onto Moore as an insurance policy for the rest of the season.

    Also when a quarterback winds up leading you to a 30-9 victory over your rivals, it's not such a good idea to thank him by sending him to the toughest division in the NFL, and to a team where he's less likely to get more playing time.

Stephen Jackson

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    Of any possible rental available in the NFL, St. Louis' Stephen Jackson seems like the most likely player to go, based on the interest other teams have in the 29-year-old running back.

    Adam Schefter reported that multiple teams are interested in Jackson, stating:

    Multiple teams have called the Rams to discuss Jackson's availability, and while the Rams are not proactively shopping Jackson, or any other player, they are willing to listen to offers.

    Teams such as Arizona, Green Bay, Dallas and Pittsburgh each have dealt with injuries at the running back position and make sense as potential trade partners. Green Bay, in particular, has coveted Jackson in the past.

    The question over whether Jackson gets moved or not is about what the Rams will get in compensation.

    If teams are calling about him, the message seems to be that they're willing to take on his $7 million contract (which will end this season). Normally that's quite a risk, but based on the production Jackson has given the Rams in the past (and even this season), it might be worth the risk.

    He's the only big time player I would expect to move prior to 4:00p.m. on Tuesday, but there is another name who's always floating around in trade rumors...

Dwayne Bowe

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    This is the name I've heard the most, and living in South Florida and being the Dolphins' Featured Columnist, it's also a subject of which I'm tired of explaining.

    First I'll give you the quick info. According to Jason La Canfora, many teams have spoken internally about possibly trading for Dwayne Bowe. Because the Dolphins seem to be one receiver away, they're usually the team brought up most when linking Bowe to a trade.

    Bowe is in the franchise year of his contract with the Chiefs and is making $9.5 million.

    That, along with the fact that the team that acquires him in a trade can't resign him until after the seaso,n makes teams a bit wary of trading for Bowe, on the chance that he could wind up only being a rental, and another team could easily outbid for his services come the offseason.

    So I'll make this short and sweet about Dwayne Bowe: Santa Claus is not real, nor is the Easter Bunny nor the Tooth Fairy, (spoiler alert) Bruce Willis was a ghost all along in The Sixth Sense, Soylent Green is made out of people, and the Chiefs will not be trading Dwayne Bowe before Tuesday at 4:00pm.