Play by Play of Big Show's World Title Win over Sheamus at WWE Hell in a Cell

Tom Clark@tomclarkbrFeatured ColumnistOctober 28, 2012

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Big Show defeated Sheamus at WWE Hell in a Cell on Sunday night to become the new World Heavyweight Champion.

Fans may not have been anticipating this match as heavily as CM Punk versus Ryback, but the fact is the World Heavyweight Championship is the No. 2 title in the company and deserves its share of the spotlight.  

Besides, we’re all Sheamus fans, right?  

Yes, the man has his haters, as does Big Show.  But Sunday night both men stepped up and gave it their all for the gold.

The match started as expected, with both men trading heavy blows and Show gaining the advantage early.  This makes sense, as Show should always be presented as extremely dominant despite who he faces in the ring.

Sheamus tried to mount some offense, eventually going for Show’s left knee which again is also an expected move.  As the old adage goes, the best way to take a big man down is to take his legs out from under him.

Show did recover fairly quickly and returned to the ring with Sheamus going to work on him.  Show was staggered for a moment but soon fought back himself.

The match spilled to the outside of the ring with the champ in a bad way as Big Show’s punishing offense continued.

Back into the ring with a sideslam and Sheamus was down once again.

For anyone who expected an instant classic or a quick and flashy match, they were obviously disappointed by this one, as the name of the game was slow and methodical.  

Big Show began talking trash to the Great White as he worked the crowd for a moment.  It’s a lost art in many ways, but the truth is fans should be brought into the match whenever possible; the main point is to increase interest for the crowd watching.

After being tossed over the ringside table, Sheamus was dragged back into the ring, with Show keeping the upper hand.

Every time Sheamus tried to mount a comeback, Show was right there, with a quick punch or boot to stop him.  The man who has always been portrayed as a fighter found himself down for the majority of this match, because Big Show was definitely on his game.

This may be the first time in recent memory that Big Show has consistently been presented as the overpowering, dominant big man that he should be seen as.  WWE finally seems to be committed to giving Show the right kind of spotlight, as it has never been believable for the guy to take as much punishmentas much as he has during his WWE career.

A couple of near-falls later, and Big Show seemed poised to end it with the chokeslam, but Sheamus was able to escape it.  The champ was finally able to begin doing some damage himself, but missed a top-rope move, then took a chokeslam from the giant.

However, Sheamus kicked out and suddenly got his second wind, getting back to his feet and going for the cloverleaf, which Show easily escaped.

The fight went back to the outside, with Show hitting the post twice.  The big man rolled back into the ring and Sheamus went to the top once again, but was caught by Show when he landed.

For the first time in the match, Big Show looked winded and perhaps in trouble, when from out of nowhere, Sheamus hit White Noise, hoisting the immense man onto his back.

Big Show kicked out, and just as Sheamus was going for the Brogue kick, he was knocked down by the WMD.  The crowd reacted and it counted with the ref, but the champ kicked out at two.

Big Show reloaded, going for a second punch, but this time took the Brogue kick.  Once again, the crowd counted, and once again the man kicked out.

The match was not over yet.

Sheamus went for another kick, but was caught with a second WMD, and Big Show pinned the Celtic Warrior.

Your winner, and new World Champion: Big Show.

The crowd was into it—it actually popped for Show—and I have to say, both men gave a very good match.  The real drama was in the end of course, with finisher after finisher being delivered and being kicked out of with every pin attempt.

But in the end, the giant was just too much for Sheamus.

So, another pay-per-view, another World Title defense, and once again no Dolph Ziggler cashing in.

But for me this is not an issue.  I personally enjoyed this bout and I think they have set the tone for the WWE Title match still to come.