Detroit Lions vs. Jacksonville Jaguars Preview and Predictions

Michael SchotteyNFL National Lead WriterOctober 30, 2012

The Detroit Lions and Jacksonville Jaguars face off in Week 9—two teams at the bottom of their respective divisions with seasons that haven't gone as planned.

The Lions (3-4) haven't taken the step forward many thought they might. In particular, the offense has sputtered and stopped at times with misfires from Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson.

Yes, the Lions haven't had much of a running game either, but when so much money is wrapped up in two players, those players have to perform. The defense has been better than expected, especially Chris Houston, who has been one of the better cornerbacks in the NFL this season.

The Jaguars (1-6) thought they had seen an improved Blaine Gabbert in the preseason, but the offense (especially the offensive line) hasn't kept pace with any steps forward Gabbert may have taken. With his mistakes compounded, the defense has failed to live up to its end of the bargain as well.

Which one of these teams could start crawling out of the cellar with a win in Week 9? Check out our thoughts in the video above and leave us yours below!