Relax Oregon Fans, If you Win Out You're in the BCS Title Game

Chris StephensCorrespondent IIOctober 28, 2012

The Oregon Ducks still are fighting for respect in the BCS standings.
The Oregon Ducks still are fighting for respect in the BCS standings.Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

Oregon Ducks fans have to be ticked off after seeing the BCS standings released Sunday night. However, a BCS Championship Game is in the future of the Ducks as long as they win out.

After a 70-14 win over Colorado on Saturday, Oregon was expected to move up, especially after Florida's loss. Instead, Notre Dame jumped over Oregon after its win over Oklahoma.

The standings currently have Alabama (.9759) at No. 1, Kansas State (.9400) second, Notre Dame (.9147) third and the Ducks (.9136) fourth.

The reason for the Ducks being ranked fourth has to do with the fact that the computers don't like them. Oregon averages a fifth-place ranking among the computers, while a one-loss Florida still ranks ahead of them.

The computers have the Ducks ranked fourth in two polls, fifth in four polls and eighth in one poll. As Oregon continues to win, the computers will start to like it a little more.

The Harris Poll and USA Today Poll both have the Ducks ranked second. The only real improvement they can have in those polls is if Alabama loses.

But, with games against No. 17 USC, No. 14 Stanford and No. 11 Oregon State, Oregon is about to get a huge boost in its strength of schedule.

Throw in there a likely repeat matchup with USC in the Pac-12 title game and Oregon is sitting right where it wants to be.

Kansas State and Notre Dame, however, don't have as good of a schedule the rest of the way.

The Wildcats have No. 24 Oklahoma State, TCU, Baylor and No. 23 Texas. The Fighting Irish have Pittsburgh, Boston College, Wake Forest and USC.

Looking at the schedule, the Wildcats do have a chance to make a statement, but it's nowhere near the statement Oregon can make in three of its final four games.

The space between Notre Dame and Oregon is a mere .011 points. That's nothing when it comes to the BCS standings, especially when you consider strength of schedule.

Notre Dame is going to have to get some help to make the BCS National Championship Game. Its next three games are against teams with a combined record of 10-14. That's not exactly going to play in Notre Dame's favor.

The biggest key between Oregon and Notre Dame is going to be how each performs against USC. If Notre Dame wins a close game and Oregon runs away from USC, the Ducks will get the advantage.

While it's disappointing the Ducks are ranked No. 4, Oregon fans don't need to worry. In the end it's going to work out for the Ducks.

As long as they win out, Oregon will find itself in Miami on Jan. 7, 2013.