WWE Hell in a Cell 2012 Results: Who Will Randy Orton Face Next?

Nick HouserCorrespondent IIOctober 29, 2012

WWE Hell in a Cell 2012 Results: Who Will Randy Orton Face Next?

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    The first 2012 WWE Hell in a Cell results saw Randy Orton defeat Alberto Del Rio in singles competition, and now that this odd "feud" that many had no preference for is over, it's hopefully on to bigger and better opponents for the Viper.

    With many of the top superstars locked into meaningful feuds at the moment, coupled with Orton's impending heel turn lurking around the corner, finding a credible opponent could be difficult.

    Note to WWE—here's a few that could work.

Alberto Del Rio

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    Obviously a rematch is always on the table, especially being that Hell in a Cell marked the first time these two met in the ring since starting this feud (yes, they battled several times as stopgap matches).

    Surprisingly, the match wasn't awful either.

    Here's how it could play out: Randy Orton moves on, but Alberto Del Rio—still bitter about the loss—keeps relentlessly attacking Orton from behind, backstage, wherever.

    This obviously leads to another match where Orton can put the kibosh on it.

The Big Show

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    If Big Show loses, he could put a decent program together with Randy Orton.

    It would be a better test for Orton's talents than Del Rio, and it gives him someone else to feud with while he bides his time waiting to re-enter the World Heavyweight Championship scene.

    From what I've read from reader comments, the hope is that Wade Barrett is next in line for the WHC.

    That would be a good route to take, and in the meantime, it would make sense for Show and Orton to do battle. Show's MO seems to be putting guys over, so it would help build Orton's case for a title shot (having beaten Del Rio then Show, both former No. 1 contenders).

Dolph Ziggler

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    Dolph Ziggler depends heavily on the outcome of Hell in a Cell and Ziggler's actions.

    If Ziggler does not cash in his contract or cashes in and loses, there's no point in having Ziggler take on Randy Orton again. They just had a mini feud that apparently ended at Night of Champions.

    However, if Ziggler walks away as the World Heavyweight champion, Orton is in a great spot to challenge.

    Leading up to Night of Champions, Orton beat Ziggler. At the event, Ziggler beat Orton by holding his tights. I guess Orton didn't think much of it, as he moved on to Del Rio.

    But now with Del Rio out of the way, if Ziggler is the champion, Orton can make the case for a rematch.

    Of course, Sheamus gets first dibs if he loses, so he would have to take the opportunity for a rematch and lose before Ziggler moves on too.

    It'd be a good feud with bigger implications, but it'd take a lot of work to get there.


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    This slide, too, is dependent on one thing—Randy Orton turning heel.

    With chatter about Orton turning to the dark side, it would be a great first feud to pit him against Sheamus, whether the Irish Superstar is the World Heavyweight champion or not.

    They started something a few months ago but never finished.

    Both were faces when they entered a Fatal 4-Way match back at Over the Limit. Orton lost and nothing more ever came of the two's disagreement.

    If Sheamus is champion still, he'll have faced Alberto Del Rio, Dolph Ziggler and the Big Show. Orton would be the perfect guy to be next in line.

    Even if Sheamus loses his belt, Orton could still turn heel and challenge Sheamus for No. 1 contendership.

Wade Barrett

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    Most want and believe that Wade Barrett will be the next challenger for the World Heavyweight Championship. But let's assume Sheamus retains his title and Dolph Ziggler steps back into the slot as challenger.

    That leaves Randy Orton and Barrett out.

    Like the Alberto Del Rio and Orton match, Orton could take on Barrett while the two wait for their shot a little bit longer.

    They would only need one match, maybe two, to make each other look really good. In fact, on a recent taping of SmackDown, they did just that. Unfortunately, Del Rio ruined it.