WWE Hell in a Cell: Recapping and Grading the Event

Riley Kontek@@BigRIlesMMAFeatured ColumnistOctober 29, 2012

WWE Hell in a Cell: Recapping and Grading the Event

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    Hell in a Cell came with less-than-normal anticipation, boasting a WWE title fight between CM Punk and Ryback, as well as a World Heavyweight Championship bout between Sheamus and Big Show.

    Hell in a Cell matches are among the most exciting matches in pro wrestling, but this card really didn't bring much to the table.

    Here is a recap and grade for every match on the pay-per-view.

Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio

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    Randy Orton and Alberto Del Rio opened the show and I was very pleased with their match.There was one sequence where they had some noticeable miscommunication, but other than that the match was exciting.

    As usual, Del Rio isolated Orton's arm. Orton used several exciting moves, including the DDT from the ropes which happened in a flash.

    The ending was very cool, as Orton countered an enziguri from Del Rio with the RKO. Fun match and got the crowd into the card.

    Grade: A-

Team Hell No vs. Rhodes Scholars

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    Many people probably weren't too pleased with the way the match ended, but it was a smart way to end the match. The disqualification will result in a lengthening of the feud between Team Hell No and Rhodes Scholars, while protecting both teams.

    As for the action, it was pretty solid. There were some nice spots, but it was a typical tag match. Daniel Bryan and Cody Rhodes stuck out the most here.

    Grade: B+

Kofi Kingston vs. the Miz

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    There was nothing really wrong with the match between Kofi Kingston and the Miz, except it was at least the third match in two weeks between the men.

    Seeing the same match that much does not exactly make it intriguing. 

    Like I said, the match was pretty solid, but I (like most of the crowd) found it hard to get into. Kofi sold the knee really well and the Miz looked strong in the loss. 

    Grade: B+

Antonio Cesaro vs. Justin Gabriel

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    I have no idea why the crowd was so dead for this match. It was an incredible match with tons of fun spots.

    The crowd's silence scares me because it leads me to believe it could halt either Antonio Cesaro's or Justin Gabriel's recent pushes.

    Gabriel's flashy moves, as well as Cesaro's raw power, combined for an awesome match. JBL said it best when he said Gabriel's springboard moonsault was reminiscent of Chris Jericho.

    If only Gabriel had the mic skills that Jericho does.

    Grade: A-

Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio vs. Primetime Players

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    Ever since Sin Cara began teaming up with Rey Mysterio he has looked a lot better and more comfortable in the ring.

    The match between the two teams was very exciting. A majority of the match saw Sin Cara isolated by Titus O'Neil and Darren Young.

    I will say one thing. I think O'Neil can be a top heel in the future if he makes a singles run. His raw power, natural size and spark plug personality give him a chance to make a run in the future.

    It looks like Sin Cara got hurt at some point in the match, so hopefully he is okay. Once again, it was a fun match.

    Grade: B+

Sheamus vs. Big Show

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    In the biggest surprise of the night, Big Show took the title of Sheamus in an increasingly exciting match.

    Most of the match was slow, as most Big Show matches are. The last couple minutes of the match really salvaged it though.

    I liked the fact that Big Show won, but I really wish Ziggler would have cashed in on him. I know a lot of people will be mad about this match, but it really was a nice surprise, because Sheamus has not been losing much in the past year.

    Grade: B- 

Eve vs. Kaitlyn vs. Layla

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    If there is one good thing I can say about the match, it was the ending. The senton from Eve on Kaitlyn and Layla was pretty cool.

    Other than that, I was not feeling the match. If I want to watch a really good women's match, I will watch TNA.

    Grade: C

CM Punk vs. Ryback

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    Wow, did this match deliver.

    I really did not expect much from the main event, but I was totally wrong. That match was sick.

    There were a lot of fun spots, including the big boot into the chair and head from Ryback, the military press on the referee into the cage and the ending on top of the cell.

    I think the ending of the match was smart. Having Ryback get screwed by the referee who was in cahoots with CM Punk saved Ryback's image and created an interesting storyline.

    Both men took some hard bumps in the match and revitalized the crowd who fell asleep from the Divas match before.

    Grade: A