WWE Hell in a Cell 2012: WWE Can Now Use Smoke and Mirrors with Cena Healed

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistOctober 28, 2012

From WWE.com
From WWE.com

The WWE received the best last-minute news they could have possibly hoped for, as John Cena has been cleared to compete following an elbow procedure that sidelined the WWE's top star for multiple weeks. 

Cena's absence forced the WWE into a precarious position pertaining to the WWE title, as up-and-coming star Ryback was prematurely launched into the WWE Hell in a Cell main event against incumbent CM Punk. 

The no-disqualification nature of the Hell in a Cell match, coupled with the Rock being locked into a WWE title match at Royal Rumble, left WWE with no escape route in a suddenly tricky WWE title picture. 

But the proverbial parachute may have arrived in a photo-finish situation with John Cena, who was originally slated to compete against CM Punk in the main event, now operating at full strength. 

The WWE's contingency plan for Cena has come in the form of an ongoing "affair" storyline that resulted in the resignation of now former WWE GM AJ Lee. Now armed with both his elbows, it may behoove the WWE to break their John Cena glass case and insert the former multiple-time WWE Champion in the Hell in a Cell main event.

The addition of Cena to the Ryback-Punk match kills multiple birds with one stone, assuming the WWE intends to opt for the safe route and stay the course with CM Punk as WWE Champion headed into a big-money showdown against the Rock come Royal Rumble.  

Should John Cena compete, a CM Punk victory over John Cena would allow the WWE to continue to promote Ryback as an unbeaten phenomenon while exposing the breakout star to the main-event spotlight that he'll figure to dominate in the coming years.