Kane, Gangrel: The 25 Most Terrifying Wrestlers of All Time!

Andy Soucek@Andy_SoucekFeatured ColumnistOctober 31, 2012

Kane, Gangrel: The 25 Most Terrifying Wrestlers of All Time!

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    "They're coming to get you!"

    While professional wrestling has been full of big, scary men over the years, a few have been downright terrifying.

    Some wrestlers just made your skin crawl, and made you want to turn off the TV and hide under the covers.

    Vampires, zombies, psychopaths, voodoo priests and dead men have all somehow found employment in the squared circle over the years.

    These wrestlers have struck fear in the hearts of their opponents and fans everywhere. Sometimes it was tough to tell if this crew was a bunch of men or monsters. This ghoulish group looked capable of doing some very bad things if given the chance.

    Let's be honest, what lifelong wrestling fan hasn't been afraid of a wrestler or two in their time?

    So turn off the lights, lock the door, and let's take a look back at the 25 scariest wrestlers of all time.

    But don't say I didn't warn you.

25: Kevin Thorn

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    “Listen to them, the children of the night. What sweet music they make.”
    Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992) (Dracula) 

    Alongside the mysterious Ariel, Kevin Thorn was the scariest man in WWE's version of ECW.

    Now granted, that's probably not saying much (though that did make him scarier than The Zombie), but Thorn was a powerful vampire with a foreboding presence.

    During his vignettes, he would spit blood right into the camera letting ECW wrestlers know that a new creature of the night was coming to the land of extreme.

    No amount of garlic or holy water could stop Kevin Thorn; his only weakness was being released.

24: The Yeti

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    "It's alive! It's alive!"

    Who needs vampires and werewolves when you can have a mummy?

    The Yeti only showed up four times in WCW before vanishing. But that wasn't because it was an idiotic gimmick that basically just looked really stupid.

    No, in fact, far from it!

    The reason the supernatural Yeti disappeared, was actually because seeing this monster could induce such immediate panic and fear, that having him on TV at all was a danger to society.

    Okay, fine. It's because it was stupid.

23: Viscera

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    You're going to need a bigger boat if you want to sink Viscera.

    Forget the rapper, forget the world's largest love machine, and definitely forget Big Daddy V.

    It was the Viscera character that was Nelson Frazier's scariest persona.

    After being kidnapped by the Ministry of Darkness, Mabel was gone forever, and in his place was the intimidating Viscera.

    Along with his tag partner Mideon, the duo hatched treacherous plans that made the World Wrestling Federation more dangerous than living on Elm Street.

    Wrestlers and all you-can-eat-buffets everywhere shook in terror whenever Viscera entered the room.

22: Vampiro

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    Vampiro was one part vampire, one part um...something else.

    When WCW was on the down slope, Vampiro joined the company and formed a stable with Raven and The Insane Clown Posse called "The Deadpool."

    The group was short-lived, but Vampiro made his mark on the company.

    After teaming up with Sting, he turned his back on his brother in paint. During a match between the two, he set the icon on fire, putting him out of action for months.

    Vampiro later went on to feud with The KISS Demon (another truly horrifying gimmick, but for all the wrong reasons). Vampiro kidnapped The Demon's fiancee, and the two met in a spooky graveyard match.

    When WCW was bought out by the WWF, Vampiro didn't make the cut. Maybe it's because there were already too many wrestlers under contract.

    Or maybe, just maybe, they were too afraid!

21: Giant Gonzalez

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    Angry, tall and a little furry, Giant Gonzalez was one giant you didn't want to mess with.

    When Gonzalez joined the World Wrestling Federation, he had his sights set on The Dead Man.

    During his short time in the company, he clashed with the Undertaker in a battle of two monsters.

    It was like Godzilla vs. Mothra, but the matches were even less athletic than two guys fighting in rubber suits.

    While he came out on the losing side (in some scary, awful matches), Gonzalez will be long remembered on those dark, stormy nights for his intimidating presence.

20: Mordecai

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    Mordecai was a true villain who damned all of the WWE universe for their sinning ways upon his debut.

    If he looks familiar, it's because this was Kevin Thorn before his vampire days.

    With bleached white hair, and a menacing scowl, Mordecai was a freaky site to behold. 

    Sadly, he didn't last long.

    After a series of squash matches, he lost to Rey Mysterio and was never seen again. Maybe Rey is the real monster who did something horrible to him, but we'll never find out.

    Like a ghost, Mordecai simply disappeared.

19: Rellik

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    Just look at that mask! Just look at it!

    Now look away!

    Want to know something horrifying to tell around the campfire? Rellik is "killer" spelled backwards!

    Sure, he didn't last too long in TNA, but the former Johnny the Bull gave us nightmares just by showing up on TV.

    Seriously, just look at that mask!

18: Se7en

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    Through a series of creepy vignettes, we were introduced to the character of Se7en.

    Portrayed by Dustin Rhodes, Se7en was one scary looking dude.

    He took to dressing in black with white makeup, and would stare into children's bedrooms at night... when they were sleeping.

    Apparently that last part didn't sit well with Standards and Practices, and they wanted WCW to get rid of the act.

    In his only televised appearance, Se7en was even able to float down to the ring!

    It was a truly paranormal moment... until Rhodes demasked and talked about how he hated this gimmick.

    The only thing more horrifying than Se7en's gimmick, was having it exposed as another Vince Russo specialty work/shoot promo.

    And all those vignettes for nothing.

    Some folks still say that Se7en is out there somewhere. Tonight when you sleep, try and keep one eye open because he may just be peeking in on you!

17: Abyss

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    “I think we’ll start with a reign of terror.”
    The Invisible Man (1933)

    Before he was cute and cuddly, a Hulk Hogan wannabe or a lawyer, Abyss was a sick and twisted individual who was capable of murder.

    Abyss was a character who spent time in prison, brutalized his opponents and now for convenience's sake, had his own torture lair in the Impact Zone.

    When he first debuted, he looked like an escaped mental patient who usually relied on the Sinister Minster James Mitchell (who was pretty scary himself) to do the talking.

    Abyss was so devilishly evil that he shot his own father! (Actually, it was later revealed that it was his mom who did the shooting).

    Along with the mask covering his face, he carried the deadly weapon of a baseball bat covered in nails (lovingly called "Janice" after Dixie Carter's mother).

    Does it get much more evil than a baseball bat named Janice? I think not.

16: Sycho Sid

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    “We all go a little mad sometimes.”
    Psycho (1960) (Norman Bates)

    Sure, we all go a little mad sometimes, but Sycho Sid seemed mad all the time.

    I'm sorry, but I just don't trust that smile.

    With the nickname of "Sycho," an imposing figure and a spine-tingling theme song, Sid Vicious was one of the most feared men in all of wrestling.

    Sid also had an evil laugh and an unpredictable, violent personality that made him one of the biggest threats in the company.

    Once the bell rang though, Sid wasn't so scary.

    In fact, he looked kind of silly. With possibly the worst looking punches in wrestling history, Sid lost a bit of mystique once the match started.

    But based on sight alone, Sid was a beast.

    He also gets bonus points on the scary meter for his portrayal of Lord Humongous.

15: Gangrel

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    “I am Dracula. I bid you welcome.”
    Dracula (1931)

    Gangrel was a vampire before vampires were cool.

    With long, white fangs and piercing eyes, Gangrel brought the horror to the Attitude Era.

    On his way to the ring, he drank blood from a goblet (which the announcers lamely referred to as "that substance").

    Gangrel didn't just drink blood though, he shared it with his victims.

    Along with The Brood, Gangrel would lay out his opponents with blood baths, where gallons of it fell from the ceiling, creating a macabre, grisly scene.

    If only that jobber Edward from Twilight could meet Gangrel face to face. Then he would realize what true terror is!

14: The Boogeyman

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    His name is The Boogeyman, and he's coming to get you!

    Introduced to fans through a series of blood-curdling vignettes, Raw fans braced themselves from the terror that was coming to their show.

    Unfortunately, Marty Wright, the man who played The Boogeyman, was injured and his debut was delayed.

    When he finally debuted on Smackdown, he was more comical than the vignettes suggested.

    He began eating worms, and later a giant mole off of Jillian Hall's face. Don't ask why. He'd also slam a clock over his head for fun.

    Basically, the Boogeyman played by his own rules.

    Before you go to bed, if you hear the tick of a clock, you should probably check your closet. He just may be hiding there!

13: Killer Kowalski

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    Killer Kowalski was so merciless, he ripped off a man's ear and then laughed in his face at the hospital!

    Well, the story may have been slightly exaggerated.

    Apparently, his opponent Yukon Eric, already had such badly damaged and cauliflowered ears that a knee drop from Kowalski easily lopped it off.

    Reporters then wrote that Kowalski was laughing at Eric instead of laughing with him when they joked about his silly looking bandages.

    But that's beside the point!

    Kowalski was vicious, so vicious that he was the first man to pin Andre the Giant in North America.

    If your nickname is "Killer," there's probably a good reason for it.

    During a time when many fans thought that wrestling was real, Kowalski was one of the most frightening men in the business.

12: Leatherface

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    “Oh Yes, there will be blood!”
    Saw II (2005)


    You may have noticed that the wrestler Leatherface strangely resembles Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre films.

    That's probably why the act was only performed in Japan.

    The man who played the famed horror icon was the former Corporal Kirchner, who at one point was the heir apparent to Sgt. Slaughter in the WWF in the 1980s.

    After leaving the company, he embarked to Japan to continue his wrestling career.

    Once he arrived, he must have lost his mind. He slapped on an apron and a deranged mask, and proceeded to compete in brutal death matches across the country.

    Leatherface became a popular attraction wherever he wrestled. I guess you could say he made a killing off of it.

11: Ox Baker

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    If you stepped in the ring with Ox Baker, you may have never stepped out alive.

    In the 1970s, Ox Baker was blamed for the death of two wrestlers due to his devastating heart punch. (While it was actually pre-existing conditions that did the two men in, it made for a good story).

    Since wrestling promoters aren't often known as being the classiest of folk, they exploited these tragedies to build up the aura of Baker.

    At 6'4 and nearly 350 pounds, he probably didn't need any help putting fear into the hearts of opponents.

    Besides, the man may have the most evil-looking eyebrows on the planet.

10: Doink the Clown

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    Who needed Killer Clowns from Outer Space, when the WWF had their own?

    No jokes about it, Doink was scary.

    People everywhere have an unhealthy fear of clowns. And Doink was one of the nastiest clowns you'll ever meet.

    Upon his debut, he came out to the familiar circus theme, but with a dark twist. An evil cackle accompanies the song, giving it an eerie touch.

    Don't listen to it if you plan on sleeping within the next week.

    It's too bad that Doink didn't last long. The man who played him, Matt Osborne, had some personal demons to battle and was later released.

    The role was recast, and the character was turned face.

    This essentially killed the gimmick. Who wants to cheer a happy clown?

9: Papa Shango

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    “I have such sights to show you!”
    Hellraiser (1987) (Pinhead)


    The future Godfather was a bit scarier when he was a voodoo priest.

    While many men on this list did some scary thing, not many actually had supernatural powers.

    With the mysterious skull he carried to the ring, Shango was able to take control of the arena's lights, make his opponents vomit, or even bleed green goo.

    It's no wonder that wrestlers were afraid to take him on.

    Maybe all that voodoo magic he used on the Ultimate Warrior explains why he's so strange these days. Now if only he had the cure.

8: Abdullah the Butcher

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    If given the chance, Abdullah the Butcher would probably eat your liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti.

    Actually, it's probably just best to hide your silverware, or he may decide to carve your face up with it.

    Abdullah the Butcher is one of the most feared wrestlers in history. He showed no mercy on any opponent foolish enough to face him.

    He could take and dish out an insane amount of punishment, and was a true icon of terror across the world. Fans across the world were afraid of the Butcher, and he loved every second of it.

    Just like Jason Voorhees, Abdullah was impossible to keep down. The man even survived the electric chair in WCW.

7: Jake the Snake Roberts

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    Jake the Snake was an unstable genius.

    He spoke slowly and methodically. He'd play with wrestler's minds and scare them with his snake Damian.

    No one in their right mind would want to mess with him.

    When The Ultimate Warrior was set to feud with The Undertaker, he needed someone as deranged as the Dead Man to help him train for the fight.

    He went to Jake, and that was a mistake.

    Jake put The Warrior through terrifying trials, he buried him in the dirt up to his neck, and eventually locked him in a room full of snakes.

    The Warrior begged for mercy, afraid for his very life, but Jake showed none.

    That's why you can never trust a snake.

6: Waylon Mercy

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    All work and no play make Waylon Mercy a dull boy.

    At first glance, Waylon Mercy doesn't look like he was a bad guy. Look again, though, and you'd discover there's something unnerving about him.

    In an ocean of gimmicks that appealed to kids during the mid-1990s, Waylon Mercy stood out in a sinister way.

    For weeks, vignettes were shown of the Southern man with a friendly smile. It wasn't what he said that was alarming, it was how he said it.

    The more he talked, the more it was clear that there was a psychopath right beneath the surface.

    Based off of Robert DeNiro's character in Cape Fear, Mercy played the role of a gentleman with a dark side perfectly.

    Once the bell rang, all bets were off.

    But don't be frightened; he was just a peaceful man. "Ya know what I mean?"

5: Kevin Sullivan

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    Don't let his stature fool you; Kevin Sullivan was pure evil.

    When Sullivan competed in CWFL, and ICW, he had the gimmick of a devil worshipper and a cult leader.

    For its time, the act was truly shocking and could still frighten fans today.

    Sullivan's stable full of madmen and misfits caused havoc wherever they went, and left a pile of carnage behind them.

    Later, Sullivan joined WCW, and assembled another stable known as the Dungeon of Doom.

    Among the group's members was the maniac Meng, the brutal Barbarian, the mysterious Loch Ness, and the man who just enjoyed a good chuckle, Hugh Morrus.

    Together, the group terrorized WCW and mainly Hulk Hogan. While in the end, Hulkamania prevailed over over the Dungeon, he gave it a good run.

    And running is exactly what you should do if you ever walk by The Taskmaster.

4: Bruiser Brody

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    Freddy Krueger has nightmares about Bruiser Brody.

    With an imposing beard, and a crazy look in his eyes, Bruiser Brody looked like he'd tear you in half for looking at him the wrong way.

    Brody did battle across the globe, shocking fans and his opponents with his brutality. He was a violent brawler, and downright intimidating.

    See what Lance Russell said about him:

    "He was feared by all the fans. And I'll tell you what. There were a lot of guys in the locker room who were scared of Bruiser Brody. He was a bad dude."

    Sadly, Brody's life also ended in violence when he was murdered in Puerto Rico.

    Still, Brody's legacy lives on and he remains one of the most feared men to ever step in a wrestling ring.

3: Kane

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    “I’ve seen enough horror movies to know that any weirdo wearing a mask is never friendly.”
    Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives (1986) (Elizabeth)

    When Kane's music hit, it was time to be afraid... very afraid.

    The Big Red Machine made his debut in the WWF by trying to exact revenge on his brother, The Undertaker.

    Undertaker didn't even know Kane was still alive, as his younger brother had spent his entire childhood in a basement being raised by his father, Paul Bearer.

    The two had a rough childhood, and Kane was horribly burnt in a fire. He had to wear a mask and a full bodysuit because of the scars that covered his body.

    What could this sinister looking mask be hiding? Fans speculated for years as to the extent of his injuries.

    During the Attitude Era, Kane was an unstoppable monster that instilled a sense of dread in the WWF. No wrestler in their right mind would want to face him.

    He was the devil's favorite demon, and capable of annihilating his opponents while showing no sign of remorse.

    Oh yeah, and then, one day he became the Tag Team Champions.

2: Andre the Giant

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    "Heeeeeeeere's Andre"!

    Andre the Giant didn't wear a mask, wear face paint, or have creepy music.

    He didn't need any of that to be scary. He was 7 foot 4, and over 500 pounds.

    For most of Andre's career, he was a friendly, gentle giant. A fan favorite who just seemed to enjoy a good laugh, and competing for the fans.

    Until he snapped!

    Andre started hanging out with the wrong crowd. Ted DiBiase started to get in his mind and change our beloved hero.

    The lovable giant then started on a rampage, and went after the ultimate good guy, Hulk Hogan. The Million Dollar Man had essentially created a monster.

    Andre became the baddest man in the entire WWF, and babyfaces cowered in fear at the mere thought of him.

    With his evil laugh, his sinister grin, and supernatural strength, Andre could do whatever he wanted, and no one could stop him.

1: The Undertaker

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    “When there’s no more room in Hell, the dead will walk the Earth.”
    Dawn of the Dead (1978) (George A. Romero)

    And the Deadman has been walking all over the competition in WWE for over 20 years.

    When The Undertaker debuted in the WWF in 1990, little did fans know the terror he would unleash for over two decades.

    Along with Paul Bearer, the two were the scariest act in the WWF for years.

    Over his career, he's locked The Ultimate Warrior in a casket, buried The Rock and Mankind alive, hung The Big Bossman and kidnapped Stephanie McMahon.

    Undertaker was pure evil his whole life.

    In his youth, he set a fire that killed his parents (well, he admitted to doing this, but later it was explained that Kane started the fire, anyway one of these two is a real jerk!).

    Any wrestler foolish enough to call out Taker ends up paying for it. The lights suddenly turn out, the eerie fog appears, and the gong strikes.

    It sends a chill down your spine, and is one of the most iconic images in all of wrestling.

    Once The Funeral March theme begins to play, The Undertaker's opponent knows they may be in for the last match of their life.

    But it's too late to hide, the Undertaker is coming.