BCS Rankings 2012: Teams Ranked Too Low in Latest Poll

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BCS Rankings 2012: Teams Ranked Too Low in Latest Poll
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You know what they say: Underrated teams are the most dangerous teams. 

And by "they," I obviously mean me, and by "underrated" I mean ranked too low in the newest BCS rankings.

So, while you are undoubtedly up in arms (relevant) about the lack of respect for your boys, just know that they are now flying under the radar, which makes them an even more powerful entity than you knew them to be in the first place.

So, yeah, being disrespected by those nasty computers is a good thing. Yay?

Now that I've certainly gotten you pumped about finding your team on this list, let's take a look.

Note: The entire Week 10 BCS rankings can be found at the bottom of this page. 

Oregon Ducks (No. 4)

How about we just give them the benefit of the doubt?

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The Ducks have undoubtedly moved through a soft schedule (hi, Colorado) to start the season while No. 2 Kansas State and No. 3 Notre Dame have racked up impressive win after impressive win, but Oregon continues to get punished for doing what it is supposed to do: dominate whatever unlucky soul lines up opposite it.

In the Week 8 rankings, Oregon was third. Then it was fourth. Now it's fourth again, but was passed by the Irish. 

Here's my thinking about keeping the Ducks at No. 2, which is where they are ranked in the Coaches and AP Poll:

If they win out, they will beat No. 17 USC on the road, No. 14 Stanford, No. 11 Oregon State on the road and win the Pac-12 Championship game. That's going to end up as an incredibly solid resume, which will boost this incredibly versatile, talented, could-have-beaten-every-team-it's-faced-so-far-by-100 team back up the rankings.

Sometimes teams just pass the eye test, too.
So, why the games? Just keep the Ducks at No. 2. In a week, we'll know if they're for real or not. But that would also mean computers—which is where the Ducks are getting hurt in the rankings—have feelings.

And that's scary.

Louisville Cardinals (No. 10)

Andy Lyons/Getty Images
Another victim of the soft schedule. 

The Cardinals needed overtime to beat Cincinnati this week, but they are 8-0 nonetheless. No matter what you think of the Big—or shall I say "Small"! Hey-oh!—East, that's an impressive feat. Upsets are always happening in college football, and Louisville deserves some type of credit.

Throw in a win over Kentucky, an SEC team that at least played No. 6 Georgia and No. 15 Mississippi State close, and the Cardinals should be a few spots higher.

Now, I'm not talking about Top 5 or anything like that, but Teddy Bridgewater and company should be headlining the second tier of teams. At least put them ahead of the two-loss South Carolina or one-loss Florida State, which lost to NC State and only has one real quality win. 

Texas A&M (No. 16)

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images
The dominant nature of the SEC often helps most teams, but the first year in the league hasn't been as generous to the Aggies' ranking.

Maybe this is, like, a prank on the new guys?

Texas A&M's two losses have come by just three points to No. 7 Florida and five points to No. 5 LSU. Other than that, they've thoroughly ran through all of their other competition, which includes a close win over Louisiana Tech—which is ranked in the AP and Coaches Poll—and a 3-2 SEC record.

They haven't beat the premier teams of this premier conference, but come on, it's the SEC. A two-loss team in the SEC deserves better than No. 16, especially a dangerous one like this.

 1. Alabama
 2. Kansas State
 3. Notre Dame
 4. Oregon
 5. LSU
 6. Georgia
 7. Florida
 8. South Carolina
 9. Florida State
 10. Louisville
 11. Oregon State
 12. Oklahoma
 13. Clemson
 14. Stanford
 15. Mississippi State
 16. Texas A&M
 17. USC
 18. Texas Tech
 19. Boise State
 20. Nebraska
 21. West Virginia
 22. Arizona
 23. Texas
 24. Oklahoma State

 25. Louisiana Tech

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