The Complete B/R Readers' Prediction for the NBA's 2012-13 Season

Ben ScullyContributor IIIOctober 29, 2012

The Complete B/R Readers' Prediction for the NBA's 2012-13 season is 100% up to all of you intelligent readers. Listed below are some of the top controversies and debates going on in the NBA today. Vote for your own opinions and see what other fans are thinking, then feel free to go to the comments section to debate with other fans. 





Last season, we all suspected that the Miami Heat were destined to take the Finals from the very beginning. This year, the whole landscape has changed. The Lakers have become the newest powerhouse, the Celtics are back in the running, and the emergence of teams like the Pacers, Nuggets, and Clippers will make the playoffs more than interesting. 





LeBron James took the MVP last season, but there was more than a little competition for the award. Kevin Durant and Kobe Bryant are both returning to fight for it, as well as legit threats like Russell Westbrook and Dwayne Wade. Still though, it would be a surprise if it wasn’t one of the following. 





The NBA is stuffed with players that can flat-out score the ball, but only one can take the title of the top scorer in the league. Of course we know that Kevin Durant and Kobe Bryant are going to be contenders, but other players like LeBron James and Kevin Love are guaranteed to come on strong as well. Out of the top contenders, who will take it? 





In the last four years, Dwight Howard has come away with the Defensive Player of the Year Award three times. Last season, Howard was dethroned by Tyson Chandler, making this year's competition that much more fierce. We’ll see who wins at the end of the season, but the top contenders for the award as of now are as follows. 





For the last two years in a row, the Chicago Bulls have achieved the best record in the NBA. Now that they’ve lost Derrick Rose for at least the majority of the regular season, that spot is up for grabs. Last year's contenders for the title like the Spurs and the Thunder will be looking to take it this year, as well as other threats such as the Heat and Celtics. 





The Miami Heat won the Eastern Conference last season, but that doesn’t mean they will do it again. The Chicago Bulls were anticipated to give them a run for their money before Rose tore his ACL, and the Pacers and Celtics are both coming back even stronger this season. We still have teams like the 76ers and Knicks that are looking to take it all this year as well, should be VERY interesting. 





The Thunder fought past the Spurs to win the Western Conference last year, but they didn’t have the new look Lakers to contend with. The competition level will be at huge levels this year in the East, as the Lakers, Thunder, and Spurs are all extremely legit contenders to make it to the Finals. Throw the Grizzlies, Clippers, and Nuggets in the mix, and we have a party. 





Anthony Davis highlighted the 2012 NBA draft, but he’s not the only rookie with a promising future ahead of him. Going down the first five picks, who will take the Rookie of the Year Award? 





The reason for the Most Improved Player Award is to dignify players who have made changes to their game and significantly raised their stock as a player. This in no way means that any of the following players aren’t good, it just means they still haven’t reached their potential. 





We always have the guys that are supposed to make a difference for their teams, but then end up woefully under-impressing. Which of the following is the most likely to end up being the biggest disappointment for their team? 





For the last five-and-a-half months, teams have been scrambling to get a roster together. It’s finally time to see all of the hard work pay off. Despite their best efforts, there still will be teams that are going to disappoint. Of the following teams, which one is most likely to be the worst disappointment? 





For some teams, the hard work put into the team over the offseason will very much pay off. Teams such as the Timberwolves and the 76ers have made changes to their teams that could potentially make them serious playoff contenders. Out of the following teams, choose the one you believe will be the biggest surprise.