Motorsport RumorCAN: Grandstanding Prosecutor and Deceitful Team?

D-BoyCorrespondent IMarch 13, 2009

Hello, all. This is just a random idea I came up with after two interesting rumors reached me earlier today...

Why call this the rumorCAN? To make it a palce for us to take a proverbial dump all over some of the most interesting rumors circling in motorsport.

What I'm thinking is of starting a series for discussing rumors that have been floating around the world of motorsport.

What kind of rumors will be discussed here? Any that have reached the ears of more people than just me (through someone OTHER than me), and which have the potential to completely change the face of the subject matter if they happen to be true.

Discuss the rumors in the article comments and don't be afraid to speak your mind. But I want this to be civil, so I'll be reporting any insulting comments made toward anyone involved in the discussion.

But don't be afraid to really trash the rumor itself, or even foundations on which the rumor may be based. This is the RumorCAN, after all.

I also won't be giving my take on an issue in the actual entry; I'll save that for responses to any commentary that pops up.

If this idea takes off, updates won't necessarily be consistent. They'll come when I feel I have enough to make plenty of good discussion material; no entry will have fewer than three rumors to discuss after this. I chose to go ahead and do this, despite only having two to do since I had to fill this out with an explanation of what I want to do.

So, let's get moving.

Grandstanding prosecutor?

News from the Castroneves trial is slow to come, but apparently some observers have been willing to leak some interesting info.

Despite my attempts to trace sources, I have not been able to find such, but the rumor is that that prosecutor in Helio Castroneves's tax evasion trial has been doing a lot of grandstanding: putting on a big show without providing much substance to back it up.

Having family in the legal system, I've heard enough stories to know that this sort of thing, if true, is the sign of a weak case, and that the prosecutor is desperate to hide that fact.

But this information does not appear to be coming from any reliable source, and thus should probably not be taken at face value. We have no way of ascertaining if these claims are true.

One thing that we DO know is that what little reliable information has come through is making many within the tax preparation world skeptical as to the strength of the case. Could this be an indication that Helio's not in very deep water at all?

Deceitful team?

The struggles of McLaren with their new MP4-24 has been very public, to the point where even Norbert Haug has had to admit the car is not where they need it to be.

The lack of commentary from others close to the team, however, has caused a notable group of fans to put forth the possibility that McLaren are taking a dangerous risk and sandbagging to trick other teams into believing they will not be a threat.

The potential benefits from such a risk are unknown, as not doing full proper testing when available is sure to cause them problems with the ban on testing during the active season.

What possible reason could there be for McLaren to do such a thing? Or is it more likely that this rumor is just hardcore McLaren fans being overly hopeful?