WWE Hell in a Cell: How Did CM Punk vs Ryback Compare to Punk's Past HIAC Bouts?

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistOctober 29, 2012

photo: wwe.com
photo: wwe.com

This past Sunday we witnessed one of the most controversial finishes to a match in years when CM Punk got a dirty win over Ryback.

Punk has been in three Hell in a Cell matches now so the logical question is; How did this match compare to his past cell matches?

His previous HIAC matches were against Undertaker and a three-way against John Cena and Alberto Del RIo.

Unfortunately, despite the headline-making finish, this latest HIAC match simply does not match up to his past bouts.

His match with the Undertaker was a war and the triple threat was three of WWE's best doing what it is they do best.

This match certainly showed how Ryback does not need to be relegated to quick matches anymore as he stepped up and kept things interesting throughout the match, but it won't make him a main eventer straight away.

This match just didn't have the brutality we expected, that is until after it was already over.

The spots where Ryback threw the ref into the cell wall from the ring and the end when Ryback planted Punk on top of the cell were great, but they happened too later to matter.

The use of weapons was nice but the kendo stick was taken out of play quickly and the chair barely got used more than once.

People are bound to be split on the finish of this match, but when you really examine it, this might have been the only way to do it properly.

Ryback still gets to claim that no one has beaten him because he wasn't beaten, he was screwed.

That is where WWE made the right choice. They had Punk get the win and retain the title but they did it in a way that immediately negates the win.

Using the same ref from the controversy that happened a few weeks back set off some bells early on that this was going to turn into a screwjob, but seeing it happen was still a little surprising.

Seeing where they go tonight on Raw with this story will be very interesting and with John Cena occupied fending off accusations from Vickie it looks like Ryback and Punk's feud could continue for a bit.

What did you think of the HIAC match between Ryback and CM Punk?

Did it match up to Punk's previous bouts?

Was the finish to the match the right decision?


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