Football Manager 2013: Breaking Down The Best New Features

Ryan DavenportContributor IOctober 28, 2012

image from football
image from football

Fans of the Football Manager video game series will be pleased, as this year's edition is better than ever, complete with a number of new features to keep gamers interested.

Football Manager 2013 is scheduled for release on November 2, and it's expected to be the best yet, including new game modes, far more players and additions that make gameplay more entertaining and easier. 

After playing the game for the first time, ESPN's Iain Macintosh had this to say about the newest installment in the popular football series:

The games themselves have been cut from 10 minute “key highlights” packages to two minutes of genuine chances. For the first time since CM01/02, you can play a month of the campaign in little under an hour and not feel that you're rushing. On my first swing at the game, unfamiliar with the placement of icons and tentative in my actions, it still only took 52 minutes to complete pre-season.

All of this cutting and snipping means that the restraining bolt has been taken off the complete version and the geeks have run riot. There must be someone at SI who has been putting their hand up in meetings for years suggesting ever more complicated ideas, always being rejected because of the reluctance to overburden gamers. Well, they've seized control now. In come Directors of Football, Heads of Youth Development, Heads of Scouting and all of their customisable responsibilities. You can “interview” for managerial jobs, promising a certain style of football. International tax rates become crucial, as players will calculate their “take-home” pay packets when considering a move. It is BIG. It will take rather longer than 52 minutes to complete pre-season training here.

The "key highlights" will be a pleasant surprise for virtual managers, as it makes actually getting from game to game quicker, rather than waiting impatiently for 10 minutes until the next match comes about.

In addition, the inclusion of new executive positions within clubs is an interesting wrinkle, as it'll make the gaming experience a bit more comprehensive for hardcore football fans.

Regardless of your experience level, Football Manager 2013 will be even more fun than last year's award-winning installment. Just be sure to clear your schedules from November 4 on.