Kansas City Chiefs 2009: Players and Coaches and Stress Oh My!

alton rexCorrespondent IMarch 13, 2009

There is nothing more frustrating than this time of year for a fan of a NFL Team; there's no games, few articles of substance, and very little real information to pique a surge in a fan's blood pressure. In short. It sucks.

This year, it's especially true if you're a Chiefs fan like me. While I applaud the secrecy and intrigue fogging the halls of stately Arrowhead Manor these days, I really want to know what kind of cars, and planes and such our new GM, Scott Pioli is hiding in the dungeon at Arrowhead -- besides Brian 'Pay Me' Waters that is. Like you, I thirst and yearn for it.

Hopefully, this void and long period of unknowing will only serve to make what we eventually learn so much sweeter to sip. Will the wait make our hearts grow fonder? Right now, we can only hope, and wonder.

What defense will Haley employ? What's going to happen with Waters? with Gonzo? and with LJ (as if we gave a ratza$$).Will Haley & Pioli try to retain these guys or trade them? How does that influence the draft? Will the young defense rally around Mike Vrable? Will we EVER be able to cover kickoffs and create field position on Kickoff returns? Who is kicking field goals? Who's on the top of KC's draft board?

I don't know about you, but these questions and a zillion more pester my dreams. I love the Chiefs, and I want them to be great, on and off the field. My whole being yearns for them to be great once more, I really hope we have a management team in place to finally, at loooooooong last bring them back from oblivion. Gather 'round me brothers and sisters, and let us pray.