Patriots vs. Rams: Instant Grades and Analysis for St. Louis

Steven Gerwel@Steve_GerFeatured Columnist IVOctober 28, 2012

Patriots vs. Rams: Instant Grades and Analysis for St. Louis

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    The St. Louis Rams (3-5) played host to the New England Patriots (5-3) at Wembley Stadium in London and had a disastrous performance. 

    Outside of a touchdown on the opening drive, the Rams were shut down on offense and completely incapable of maintaining drives. 

    Although, the real problem was with the defense, who had no answers for Tom Brady and the New England offense and had an embarrassing performance. 


    Rams 7, Patriots 45

Quarterback: A

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    Overall: A

    Bradford went 23-for-31 (74.1 percent) with 205 yards and a touchdown. 

    He did have the interception in garbage time, but overall Bradford was one of the few players on the Rams performing up to standards. 

    Fourth Quarter: B

    Bradford had the interception in the final quarter, but can you really blame him for that?

    He was just trying to make a play. He was hit in the process thanks to a lack of protection, and Brian Quick literally just stood there and watched the ball get picked off without making any effort to do anything about it. 

    Third Quarter: A

    It would be easy for most quarterback to implode under these circumstances, but Bradford has impressively kept his cool for the entire game.

    Bradford is one of the few players having a solid outing and he deserves credit.

    Bradford has gone 22-for-27 (81.4 percent) with 200 yards and a touchdown, he is far from the problem and has been fantastic. 

    Second Quarter: A

    Sam Bradford remains accurate through the air, but unfortunately the receivers aren’t getting open downfield and giving him an opportunity to dissect the weak Patriots secondary.

    With about two and a half minutes remaining, Bradford was slammed to the ground and apparently injured his left shoulder, but he remained in the game. It was a nice display of toughness. 

    First Quarter: A

    Sam Bradford was 3-for-3 on the first drive with 69 yards and a touchdown, and he was 2-for-3 for 27 yards on the second drive.

    Bradford looks accurate today and he’ll need to keep it up if the Rams want to stay on pace with the New England offense for three more quarters.

    Overall, a solid showing in the opening quarter. 

Offense: D

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    Overall: D

    The offense did some good things early on, but they were unable to stay consistent and a lack of play makers really hurt them. 

    Also, penalties by the offensive line absolutely killed drives. 

    Fourth Quarter: C-

    Daryl Richardson and Isaiah Pead were able to come to life in the final quarter and provide the run game with a spark, but it was in garbage time.

    On the negative side, wide receiver Brian Quick stood by idly and watched a pass get picked off. He made no effort to catch the ball or break up the pass. He has been a disappointing second-round pick so far.

    However, Quick did have a nice 39-yard catch on a pass thrown by backup Kellen Clemens, but it was during garbage time with backup defenders in the game. 

    Third Quarter: C-

    How is it possible that the quarterback is playing well and is receiving adequate protection from the line, yet the team has only seven points?

    It’s a combination of bad penalties and a lack of play makers.

    Penalties have pushed them back and stalled drives, while the receivers are unable to gain yards after the catch. 

    Second Quarter: B-

    The receivers have to do a better job of getting open downfield. These three-yard routes are really getting old, and they aren’t allowing the team to maintain drives.

    The offensive line is still doing a solid job providing protection from Vince Wilfork and the New England pass rush. 

    The offense has done some good things, but it hasn't paid dividends. 

    First Quarter: A

    Chris Givens was able to get open downfield and test the secondary, but it looks like someone else will have to step up since Givens was seen heading to the locker room for an apparent foot injury.

    The offensive line is providing solid protection. They allowed heavy pressure on a third-down situation on the second drive, but overall they’re been getting it done. 

Defense: F

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    Overall: F


    Fourth Quarter: F

    The Rams gave up yet another touchdown in the final quarter and continued to let the Patriots offense have their way with them.

    It has been a very discouraging performance by the defense. Hopefully the upcoming Bye week will allow them to iron out some kinks. 

    Third Quarter: F

    Well, the defense still doesn’t have a sack this game, but they forced a punt and a field-goal in the third quarter.

    Does that count as an improvement?

    No, not really. New England is just cruising along and taking it easy. The defense is still just awful. 

    Second Quarter: F

    The defense is getting absolutely abused, which is completely unacceptable for a unit that’s supposedly the strength of the team.

    There is zero pressure on Tom Brady, as he completes lengthy passes at will.

    This showing is completely pathetic and the Rams players should be humiliated over their incompetence.

    Also, please get Bradley Fletcher out of the game. Three pass interference calls on third down is ridiculous, and a sign that he's flat out not good enough to cover anyone.   

    First Quarter: F

    The defense nearly had a stop on the first drive until Bradley Fletcher was called for pass interference, which eventually led to a wide-open Brandon Lloyd catching a touchdown to tie up the game at 7-7.

    The defense is struggling to force incompletions as Tom Brady is 8-for-9. This is a problem they had a week ago against Aaron Rodgers.

    There’s no excuse for Brady completing basically every pass he makes while feeling no pressure whatsoever. It has been a terrible showing by the defense in the opening quarter. 

Special Teams: C

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    Overall: C

    Special teams did not play a big role in this game for the Rams, but the botched field-goal in the first half definitely weighs down their grade.

    Fourth Quarter: C

    Chris Givens continued to provide a spark as a kick returner, but overall the special teams were a total non-factor for the Rams this game. 

    Third Quarter: B

    Chris Givens took a kickoff return instead of Isaiah Pead, and Givens was able to take it back for 22 yards.

    It’s not much, but it’s a slight improvement over what we saw from Pead in the first half. 

    Also, John Hekker has been solid punting the ball, but he's being overworked at this point.

    Second Quarter: D

    Someone needs to tell Isaiah Pead to just take a knee on kickoff returns and to not even think of returning the kick. He hasn’t had a semi-decent return all year and it doesn’t look like that will change today.

    The fake field-goal was a disaster, but you can’t really blame the players for an idiotic call by the coaches.  

    First Quarter: B-

    Greg Zuerlein made the PAT following the opening-drive touchdown. Zuerlein will have his work cut out for him if the Rams want any shot at pulling ahead. 

    The only downside to special teams in the first quarter was Isaiah Pead being tackled well behind the 20-yard-line on a kickoff return. 

Coaching: F

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    Overall: F

    They deserve an "F" as their overall grade, but you have to give the coaches somewhat of a break since they suffered at the hands of ownership that thought dragging a young, struggling team across the Atlantic was a good idea. 

    Playing a game in another continent is asinine and it clearly presented a major challenge for the coaches. 

    The Rams have their Bye week coming up, so hopefully the coaches can get the team settled and refocused. 

    Fourth Quarter: F

    There was absolutely no excuse for this debacle.

    The game plans were dreadful and the team was overwhelmed. They were not prepared for this game in any way whatsoever, and the blame cannot solely be placed on the players. 

    Third Quarter: F

    It’s clear that the defense is totally unprepared and the game plan is a complete flop.

    Where is the tough, hard-nosed defense we had the pleasure of watching in the first six games? Where did they go?

    What happened to mentality that says, even If the opponents win, they’re going to know they played the Rams the next day?   

    The tenacity and brutality has been completely sucked out of this defense.

    Second Quarter: F

    What’s the defensive game plan? Refrain from rushing the quarterback whatsoever while covering no one?

    Also, the fake field-goal on the final offensive drive was totally asinine. Is a 14-point deficit against a team like New England not big enough heading into the half? You have to risk giving them a short field and hand them yet another score?   

    First Quarter: B

    Attacking the New England secondary early on was a good call by the offensive coaches. Also, the team looks ready to play after the overseas trip, which is a credit to the coaching staff.

    On the downside, the secondary coach is apparently incapable of teaching his players how to break up a pass.