Texas Two-Step to San Antonio

Kody BrannonCorrespondent IMarch 20, 2008

Call me a homer. Call me what you will.

But looking at the South Bracket this season, and the resume that the Longhorns have put out this season, I believe that they can make it to the Final Four.

Their toughest game in the bracket probably will be Memphis, but that doesn't mean they can just cake walk through the bracket.

There is a possible match up with Stanford looming in the Sweet 16. While I feel that Texas can beat Stanford, I would like to see Texas play with the passion that they had when they beat UCLA this year.

After beating Memphis, I am picking Texas to play Duke in the Final Four. While most people will think I'm crazy, I think Texas can beat Duke and make it to the championship game.

We just need DJ to go off and carry the team in that game. If I had to chose who they play in the championship, I would rather them play Kansas, because I know for sure we can play tough and beat Kansas.

But, if it's North Carolina, then Texas can hang tough and keep Tyler Hansbrough quiet, and there is a chance for a national championship in basketball.

Even if they don't win it all, Rick Barnes has done a great job with the team this year, and I am happy to see Texas making a consistent yearly venture into the NCAA Tourney.

But like every other fan in the state, I want to see them in the Final Four and have a shot to win it all. As long as they keep playing with the same intensity they have played with all season, I don't see the Longhorns bowing out before the Final Four.