NASCAR's Five Most Talked About Drivers

Danielle hendersonCorrespondent IMarch 13, 2009

All sports have athletes that are thought of as jerks by the fans, NASCAR is no different.

We all have a driver(s) who gets under our skin. Whether he be Kyle Busch or Dale Earnhardt Jr., they still bug us.

I'm going to count down the most criticized drivers in the History of NASCAR.

Let's start with Darrel Waltrip. He was one of the drivers who couldn't resist speaking his mind, especially if it meant he could talk bad about Dale Earnhardt Sr. The media loved to write about Waltrip, whether it was Jaws vs. the Intimidator, or Jaws vs. The rainbow brigade, he kept them writing.

Next on the list is Dale Earnhardt Sr. He also had a way of speaking his mind. He also seemed to like ''moving" his fellow race car drivers. He was honest and that more times than not didn't work in his favor. He too kept the media writing.

Now for The Intimadator's son, Dale Earnhardt Jr. He is continually being talked about for his on track performance and pretty much every thing else he does. Whether he is trying to talk to his crew chief or answering a question from the media, everything he says is analyzed to death.

Tony Stewart, NASCAR's most outspoken (if that's what you want to call it), is known for his attacks on Goodyear. Sometimes it seem Smoke likes to trash talk Goodyear and NASCAR. Just the same he is also a regular in the news of NASCAR drivers.

NASCAR's most recent bad guy Kyle Busch, though, seems to enjoy his role in the sport, the media still seems to try to make him hate it. Fans also enjoy talking bad about Busch.

In the spring race at Richmond last year he spun out the sport's most popular driver and still has the media writing about it.