WWE Hell in a Cell May Be the Night of Run-Ins

Cardiff Wanderer@@CardiffWandererCorrespondent IIOctober 27, 2012

All photos from WWE.com
All photos from WWE.com

Considering the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view is named after a match that is specifically designed to stop the outside world interfering with the battle happening inside the ring, it is somewhat ironic that several of the other matches booked could plausibly encounter run-ins.

Certainly, Dolph Ziggler has promised to cash in his Money in the Bank contract at some point during the event, while rumor is rife that Brock Lesnar is to return to help CM Punk pick up the finish against Ryback.

These rumors may have become so ubiquitous that fans will be disappointed if both supposed invaders do not make their way to the ring at some point. 

The idea of Lesnar ripping away the cage door, in a way that has already reminded a number of fans of Kane’s inaugural appearance, seems to have especially caught the imagination of some sections of the WWE’s fanbase. 

Not going through with these run-ins may even turn some expectant fans against the event itself.

Another match that could see interference is the tag team championship match between Team Hell No and Team Rhodes Scholars. 

The former wrestler, and current interviewer, Matt Striker has had issues with Team Hell No and his character from his days as a wrestler on ECW really falls into line with Team Rhodes Scholars, therefore his involvement in that match would not be surprising.  

There are also several teams who lost in the tag team tournament who might wish to get involved in the tag team championship bout. The Prime Time Players have been known to ambush people on several occasions, and this could bring out Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara or Primo and Epico if that happens. 

Even Randy Orton’s match with Alberto Del Rio could see interference as, judging by their vicious match on Smackdown, Wade Barrett appears to be setting himself up to be involved.

Perhaps the WWE universe could see Del Rio’s supposed bribing come into play, with him being shown hiring the destructive English brawler to help him pick up the win.

It might even be possible that the divas’ title match could see a run-in from an unknown assailant as the true identity of Kaitlyn’s attacker has never been confirmed.

Such an abundance of run-ins, if they do come to fruition, will likely be taken as a sign that WWE is aiming to set up several old-school five-on-five survivor series matchups for the upcoming Survivor Series pay-per-view. This may even turn into a good chance for some of the less appreciated workers to get some time in the limelight, during their involvement as part of a team.

However, all this rumored interference is likely to have a negative effect on the crowd on the night, as they look forward to the anticipated appearance of someone else. Such distraction often leads to chanting, and that spoils any surprise for those who do not read rumor pages and takes away from the atmosphere that helps build the excitement of the match in the ring.  

There is also a good chance that the pay-per-view card could end up with an ugly number of disqualifications if not booked properly. There is a real possibility that this could leave too many things open-ended because of an inability to address all the issues, and this in turn would lead to more of the randomly dropped story lines that so annoy the majority of fans. 

With this in mind, how much value will be added to the card if all these run-ins actually happen is highly debatable.

Whether all this comes into being and whether this many invasions is going to be a positive or negative thing, nothing takes away from the one really strange fact that the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view could be the most interfered-with event in history.