NFL Picks for Week 8: Can the New York Giants Continue Their Roll?

John Canton@johnreportContributor IIIOctober 27, 2012

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This week's games includes a divisional matchup between the New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys. The defending champs look to build on last week's thrilling victory over the Washington Redskins. 

Read on to get my pick for that game and the rest of Week 8's matchups.

Season Record Straight Up

64-40 .615 (Last Week: 8-5)

Here are the matchups for this week. It should be noted that I picked the Vikings to beat the Bucs on Thursday. Since that was wrong, I'm starting out the week at 0-1.

Byes: Buffalo, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Houston

All game times are Eastern.

Carolina (1-5) at Chicago (5-1) at 1:00 PM

The Panthers just look defeated. Their passing game is awful and even though they paid a lot of money for their two running backs, they can't run the ball very well either. Against this Bears defense I don't see them doing a whole lot. The Bears will roll.

Bears 27-7

San Diego (3-3) at Cleveland (1-6) at 1:00 PM    

Why are the Chargers three point favorites?

They're coming off a monumental collapse at home to the Broncos two weeks ago. They had their bye week, and we're supposed to think they're better going on the road against a plucky Browns team? Records are deceiving.

I think the Chargers are on the verge of imploding. Losing to the young Browns won't help them.

Browns 23-20

Seattle (4-3) at Detroit (2-4) at 1:00 PM

I don't like Seattle on the road. I think Detroit is better than their record even though it's quite obvious that Matt Stafford isn't the QB he was last year when he had an amazing year. Their lack of WR options other than Calvin Johnson is glaring.

I just think they're a desperate team that will find a way to win against a rookie QB in Russell Wilson on the road.

Lions 24-23

New England (4-3) at St. Louis (3-4) (In London, England) at 1:00 PM

I was excited when I saw that my favorite Rams offensive player Danny Amendola is officially listed as questionable for this game. I doubt he plays because the team has a bye next week, and it's not worth the risk.

It's smarter to let him rest for two weeks. It's inspiring to see that he is even on the practice field, though, so hopefully that could be a spark for the team even if he doesn't play.

I don't like that the Rams have a home game in London, but I understand why it happens. I'm just glad they are only doing it for one year. It would have been better for my boys to have a true home game versus the Pats, but what can you do?

I think the Pats are the better team. The Rams will have trouble if the Pats go after rookie Rams CB Janoris Jenkins because the Packers went after him, and they had success.

The biggest problem for the Rams offense is that they get inside the 30, and they don't finish off the drives. Against a team like the Patriots, you have to score touchdowns.

Will they? Maybe, but I don't think they will score enough.

The Pats aren't blowing teams out that much, though, so I think the Rams will cover the seven point spread.

Patriots 26-24

Miami (3-3) at NY Jets (3-4) at 1:00 PM

The Dolphins have a very good run defense. The Jets offense struggles if they can't run the ball. I like the Dolphins to stop the run and control the game.

It will be a low scoring, boring game to watch.

Dolphins 20-17

Atlanta (6-0) at Philadelphia (3-3) at 1:00 PM    

I'm going against the "Andy Reid after the bye" theory. Sorry. I just am. I know Reid's teams are 13-0 after the bye, but as they say all good things must come to an end. Atlanta's coming off the bye too.

I think the Eagles turn the ball over way too much, and I don't trust them playing against a good team that can score in a lot of different ways. For Philly to win they have to win the turnover battle. I don't think they will. A team like the Falcons will convert turnovers into touchdowns.

I also think the Falcons will feel disrespected to be three point underdogs in this game.

The Eagles are overrated. Falcons win a high scoring game thanks to the efficient passing of Matt Ryan.

Falcons 31-27

Washington (3-4) at Pittsburgh (3-3) at 1:00 PM

I don't think either defense is very good.

The Steelers will probably throw the ball deep against the Redskins defense that lost last week against the Giants because they're poor at defending the deep ball. Considering they have Mike Wallace to run those deep balls, I think they'll put up a lot of points. I think the Redskins will too.

There will be a lot of points with Robert Griffin III doing his thing for the Redskins as he always does. It's not like the Steelers defense is elite anymore. They are very average.

There will be a lot of points. It should be a fun game to watch.

Steelers 31-27

Jacksonville (1-5) at Green Bay (4-3) at 1:00 PM

The Packers offense destroyed a good Rams defense last week.

Now they play an even worse Jaguars defense that is also the worst team offensively in football. This won't be close even with the Packers injuries on offense.

Aaron Rodgers shouldn't have a problem finding Randall Cobb and James Jones down the field to lead his team to a dominant victory.

 Packers 42-6

Indianapolis (3-3) at Tennessee (3-4) at 1:00 PM

Congratulations to Chris Johnson for joining the NFL this season since he seems to have disappeared last year and the first handful of games this year.

I think these teams are pretty even in the sense that neither is a playoff team, yet they are both capable enough to score on a bad defense.

Both have bad defenses.

I'm going with the Colts for the win because I think Andrew Luck will connect with Reggie Wayne quite a bit and that will open up the rest of the offense.

Colts 27-24

Oakland (2-4) at Kansas City (1-5) at 4:05 PM    

Another week where Oakland is a second 4pm game when there are only two of them. That's painful.

I don't want to pick Carson Palmer or Brady Quinn to win because they're both awful. I guess I have to pick one of them.

I'll go with the Chiefs based on the idea that Jamaal Charles will carry the offense with a huge running game.

Chiefs 24-13

NY Giants (5-2) at Dallas (3-3) at 4:25 PM    

The big stat from this game is that the Giants are 3-0 in Dallas the last three years.

They're also looking for revenge after Dallas dominated the Giants in the opener this season. Of course since that game the Giants have gone 5-1 are on a roll and look like they can beat teams in so many different ways.

I just really like what the Giants are doing especially in the passing game. Eli Manning is playing at a very high level with consistency, which is not something we could during every year of his career. He's matured now.

I'm not sure what Dallas is. If they win this game they're in the playoff hunt and they send a message to the rest of the league. It's huge for them. I like the Giants, though.

They have more confidence and I see them continuing to find a way to win another close game with a big play late. Instead of Victor Cruz, maybe Hakeem Nicks has a breakout game this week.

Giants 24-21

New Orleans (2-4) at Denver (3-3) at 8:20 PM    

There will be a lot of points, but I think Denver is the superior team.

Due to two road games plus the bye week, this is the fourth Broncos home game since week four. Their schedule the rest of the way is pretty favorable. I think they're about to go on a big run the rest of the season.

The Saints defense is atrocious. I know most people think Peyton Manning will be the big story here, and I'm sure that he will have a nice game, but I think the running game of the Broncos will be impressive as well.

If you have Drew Brees on your fantasy team don't worry. He'll still throw a lot and get two or three TDs. The Broncos will score more though.

Broncos 37-24

San Francisco (5-2) at Arizona (4-3)  at 8:30 PM (MON)

Ugly game to watch. I know John Skelton played well last year for Arizona to end the season, but this year he's been pretty awful.

Their run game is pretty bad and they have a tough time moving the ball down the field. I'm sure playing at home on a Monday will help the Cardinals, but I just think the Niners will have another boring NFC West win like last week's 13-6 game against the Seahawks.

This loss will put Arizona at 4-4 after a 4-0 start. That seems about right to me. I think they lost the lucky rabbit's foot that helped them earlier in the year.

49ers 17-10

The Fave Five Bets of the Week

This is where I give you some picks for my best bets of the week. Note that lines moves from the time I write this (Friday AM) to the time the games kickoff.

Record so far:

15-20 (Last Week: 1-4)

After starting off the year strong, I went 1-4 in each of the last two weeks. Narrow losses each time. Maybe you should consider going against my fave five! The odds are courtesy of

Carolina @ Chicago -9 - Even at 14 I'd consider the Bears. At 9 is a great number.

Washington @ Pittsburgh Over 47 - I have it 31-27 Pit, so I like the over a lot.

New Orleans @ Denver -6 - Really like the Broncos at home and coming off the bye.

San Diego @ Cleveland +3 - The Chargers seem to be heading in the wrong direction.

Jacksonville @ Green Bay -14.5 - Big number? Don't care. This won't be close.

I'm going with three home teams that I think are clearly superior (Bears, Broncos, Packers) than their opponents. Keeping it simple.

That's all for this week.

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