FC Barcelona vs. Celta Vigo: 6 Bold Predictions

Roberto Alvarez-Galloso@AlvarezGallosoChief Writer INovember 2, 2012

FC Barcelona vs. Celta Vigo: 6 Bold Predictions

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    FC Barcelona will face Celta de Viga at Camp Nou on November 3. The match is expected to be an unequal one between the two teams.


    FC Barcelona

    Barca is currently in first place in the 2012-2013 La Liga BBVA tables with 25 points and facing competition from Atletico Madrid. La Blaugrana currently has eight wins and one draw in the current La Liga BBVA season.

    FC Barcelona is the current leader of the Group G UEFA Champions League with nine points. La Blaugrana defeated their opponents Spartak Moscow, Benfica and Celtic.

    While La Blaugrana is enjoying its victory, it is easy to forget that they barely defeated Spartak Moscow in the UCL. La Blaugrana also had close calls with teams such as Sevilla.

    In the case of Spartak Moscow, Lionel Messi saved Barca from defeat with two goals. Dani Alves helped Spartak Moscow with an own goal.

    Cesc Fabregas saved FC Barcelona in its match against Sevilla by scoring two goals. FC Barcelona would have lost to Sevilla without the presence of Fabregas.


    Celta Vigo

    Celta Vigo is currently in 14th place with 10 points in the 2012-2013 La Liga BBVA tables. Celta Vigo has three wins and five losses.

    Celta Vigo returned to La Liga after an absence of five years. The return of Celta Vigo occurred after a scoreless draw against Cordoba last June.

    An invitation is sent to B/R readers to sit back and enjoy the bold predictions between FC Barcelona and Celta Vigo.

6. Hugo Mallo, Part One

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    Celta Vigo will avenge their scoreless loss to Real Madrid in this match against Barca. Celta Vigo may feel emboldened by their recent draw against Deportivo La Coruna.

    Hugo Mallo will surprise Victor Valdes with a right-handed strike to score within the three-minute mark.

5. Hugo Mallo, Part Two

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    Victor Valdes remains in shock while Mallo scores another goal. The result will be Celta Vigo in possession and ahead with two goals in the first half.

4. Roberto Lago

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    Hugo Mallo and Roberto Lago will make life difficult for FC Barcelona goalkeeper Victor Valdes. They will attempt to score more goals, with Valdes deflecting them from areas outside the post.

    Lago will eventually score the third goal for Celta Vigo. The result will be the following for the first half:

    FC Barcelona 0-3 Celta Vigo

3. Gustavo Daniel Cabral

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    Gustavo Daniel Cabral of Celta Vigo will be the architect of La Blaugrana´s comeback. He will start the second half of the match by scoring an own goal.

    Goal criticized Cabral´s performance in Celta Vigo's match against Real Madrid.

2. Lionel Messi

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    Lionel Messi will save the day for FC Barcelona with four goals. Messi will score the comeback goals with Celta Vigo in shock after Sergio is unable to defend the goal post.

1. Prediction

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    FC Barcelona 5-3 Celta Vigo

    The bold predictions are based on a personal opinion that may or may not occur. La Blaugrana has a tendency to underestimate their opponents as it did against Spartak Moscow in the UEFA Champions League.

    My thanks to the B/R readers for their time in reading this slideshow. I want to wish you the best this weekend and always.