Wiffleball, Not Just a Backyard Game

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Wiffleball, Not Just a Backyard Game

Everyone has played it. Everyone has hit the plastic ball. Now, everyone is hooked on it. Wiffleball is one of Americas' most underrated sports. A game that was once played by kids below the age of 10 is now spreading up through adulthood.

Why has it become so popular? Well, nostalgia has something to do with it, or maybe its the vast sums of money that are yours for the taking.

More and more tournaments are popping up year after year. Some of them are charity events, like the Sarno Summer Classic that is held yearly in Durham, NH. But some of them (most of them) have cash prizes. They range from $10 to upwards of $2,000.

Now, thanks to the prizes, grown men are out on Saturday afternoons throwing around a plastic ball and hitting for the fences.

In my neighborhood, Lambo Field is a staple. My friends and I have spent vast amounts of time there and have played countless innings. For awhile, our games were not filled with greed, until i came across a site called www.wiffleball.net

Wiffleball.net is an ingenious creation that lets users upload tournaments, look for free agents, and, best of all, brag. Wiffleball is about bragging, and the better your team is, the better the bragging is.

So the next time you are wondering what you can do, or are looking for a summer job, look no further than wiffleball. Go ahead, get some plywood, a few buddies, and some round plastic and go have some fun.

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