Vince McMahon Cares More About His Doormat

RykzCorrespondent IMarch 13, 2009

Captain Charisma was promised big things when he left Orlando for Vince McMahon’s group last month, but has since languished on ECW rather than headline Raw or Smackdown.

According to the insider, it’s because Vince McMahon just doesn’t see him as a star.

He told The Pro Wrestling Torch, “Vince cares more about the doormat at his house than Christian."

“I don't understand why you re-hire the guy and then don't do anything with him.”

Christian quit the WWE in 2005 when his contract expired, frustrated at a lack of opportunities and bosses’ failures to deliver on a planned main event run against John Cena.

In TNA he became a bona fide headliner, capturing the heavyweight championship and competing against top stars, including Sting and Kurt Angle.

He decided to leave despite reportedly being offered a £1.8 million ($2.5 million) contract by Dixie Carter’s federation—apparently frustrated by some of the sillier elements of the company’s storyline and matches.

Although TNA won’t comment publicly on former employees, it’s thought that many in the company are happy with Christian’s plight, as it will stop other stars jumping for the bright lights of WWE.

Monty Brown and Chris Harris both also failed in making the transition between federations, and former TNA champ Ron Killings is languishing in the Smackdown mid-card. Gail Kim is expected to re-debut in WWE soon.

I think it's a little too early for anyone to say what Vince is going to do with Christian.

I do see people concerned with him being on ECW, but his addition to the Money in the Bank match may mean a title run in the near future.