Update On Cutler

Mark JohnsonContributor IMarch 13, 2009

According to The Denver Post, Denver Broncos' quarterback, Jay Cutler, has put his $2-million home up for sale. Due to the coincidental timing of this event, assumptions can be made that a trade is in the works for the Pro Bowl quarterback. Where he would go, we do not know.

Sources have also confirmed that since the meeting with head coach Josh McDaniels, Cutler believes he will be traded before the NFL Draft in April.

UPDATE: The Denver Bronco's have confirmed Jay Cutler has requested to be traded. Also, as March 14th, Cutler's parents home (approximately two miles from his home) has been put up for sale.

Bronco's owner Pat Bowlen spoke out expressing his frustration.

"I'm disappointed in the whole picture, not just disappointed that we might lose our star quarterback."

While it is still up in the air what may happen, it seems that rumors of Cutler being traded are becoming more true with each passing day.