The Death of Eddie Guerrero: The Day the WWE Stood Still Part 2

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IMarch 13, 2009

Eddie Guerrero

November 14, 2005, was the saddest day in wrestling history, as Eddie Guerrero died peacefully in a Minnesota hotel the night before.

Eddie Guerrero, who had many demons in his life, found a way to beat them as he would win the WWE title beating Brock Lesnar at No Way Out and heading WrestleMania XX. 

Let's go to the beginning of Latino Heat's career.

Eddie lived his life for wrestling as he was born into the great wrestling family, the Guerreros, and he did not disappoint. He received his start in the ECW, and he would show that was not all about being hardcore by bringing his technical skills.

At WCW, Eddie and all of the other small wrestlers were not getting the attention they deserved, and that is why he was not a U.S. or World champ. This is were Eddie's demons appeared. Eddie did end up leaving WCW a year before it went out of business.

WWE and Eddie was a match made in heaven as Eddie became a Intercontinental and Tag Team Champion, and he was dubbed Latino Heat. He would also have a little something for the ninth wonder of the world Chyna.

Eddie Guerrero was fired after his issues and demons got the best of him, but Vince gave him a chance to return after he coped with his problems.

Eddie Guerrero in late 2003 into the middle of 2004 was probably the best I have seen of Eddie, and he stole the show. U.S. and WWE Champ were the two titles that Eddie held during those spans. Eddie would headline WrestleMania XX with the wrestling machine Kurt Angle, as he would steal a victory.

Eddie had a feud going with Rey, which gave us great matches with Eddie and Rey. Eddie was involved with Batista in a program for the World Title before he left the earth in late 2005.

In the tribute show for Eddie, we saw great matches, testimonials, and a heartfelt moment from Vince McMahon. The whole week was dedicated to Eddie as all superstars showed there respect to the late great Eddie Guerrero.

Eddie lied, cheated, and stole his way through matches and into our hearts. Eddie was a great father, friend, and had the biggest heart that I have ever seen.

Eddie Guerrero, R.I.P. Long live Eddie, Latino Heat.

-Adrian Staehle