Where the WWE Divas Division Could Go Next in 2012

Rachel WoodContributor IIIOctober 26, 2012

source: wwe.com
source: wwe.com

This week on WWE Smackdown, the Divas proved that a built-up storyline can bring positive results to their performances. Reigning Divas champ Eve tagged with Aksana to face the team of Kaitlyn and Layla. This turned out to be a decent match with a well-executed ending.

Contrary to what many fans have been saying about the current state of the Divas division in the WWE, 2012 hasn’t been a bad year for some of the company’s female performers.

AJ Lee and Eve have been involved in major storylines with their male counterparts, with both of them giving credible and commendable performances. Extra credit also goes to Layla, who came back from a serious knee injury with a change in character and better in-ring performances.

Of course the division is not as strong as the days when Trish Stratus, Lita and Molly Holly were battling for the Women’s Championship. None of the current Divas could compare to The Fabulous Moolah either, who is arguably the all-time greatest female performer in the wrestling business.

However, I don’t agree with much of the criticism that has been put on the Divas as of late.

In fact, most of the critique by the fans should be directed towards the WWE, not the performers themselves.

Moving forward with this though, the emergence of storylines being pushed on both Raw and Smackdown give hope to the fledgling Divas division.

The return of Dave Finlay to the WWE earlier this year could also be very good news for the female performers.

Molly Holly in 2002 couldn’t speak highly enough of the help Finlay (who was a road agent at the time) gave to the Divas:

‘’After we perform he gives us a good, honest evaluation of what we did wrong and how we can improve, always with a really positive attitude… he will come out to the ring, talk with me and help brainstorm ideas of the kind of things I can do to help spark the fans’ interest… He pushes us so that we can do things we never dreamed we could do.” -Molly Holly speaks in 'WWF Raw Magazine' May 2002

This sounds exactly like what the Divas need to make sure the audience takes them seriously. Whether it is Finlay or another member of WWE’s backstage team, the female performers would greatly benefit from this kind of help.

With Kelly Kelly and Beth Phoenix most recently departing from WWE television, there is great potential to gain some new additions to the main roster.

Maybe looking to the upcoming Divas on NXT will give WWE the inspiration to update the division.

As a long-time fan of WWE’s female wrestlers, I am very much looking forward to see where the Divas division will go in the future.