If I Raw the WWE: ECW Week 2

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IMarch 13, 2009

Last week on ECW: Paul Heyman returns as GM, Styles returns, Bourne wins his return match to get in the MITB match and the bird flies down to the ring, Swagger vs Heyman's opponent and Morrison wins title shot for WrestleMania 25 against Swagger.

Crowd chants "ECW ECW ECW" to start off the show as Paul is in the ring…

Heyman: Swagger, tonight, you will go against someone of my choice, but you will see that later tonight. Getting on to business, I have thought long and hard and from here on out, there will be surprises at ever corner.

Heyman laughs loudly…

Goes to commercial…

Evan Bourne comes out to talk about last week...

Evan: Last week I got into MITB match, but what has got me in a tangle all week is the bird and the rumors have swirled all week on which it is. I saw what kind of bird it is, but I'm not going to get ahead of myself. So, whomever it is, come out now and shows your self.

The lights flicker and the lights go off and when they come back on, the bird is sitting there and staring a hole threw Evan as they go to commercial…

Contract Signing: Swagger versus Morrison, ECW Title at WrestleMania 25

Swagger comes out by himself as he waits for Morrison, who comes out with Miz, who has minor injuries he suffered last week. Paul comes out to a large pop, as we get ready for the signing. Swagger and Morrison pick up a mic.

Swagger: Tonight, you are going to see a little taste of what I'm going to do to you at WrestleMania.

Morrison: Oh, I'm sorry, I couldn't hear that. All I heard is that I'm going to win the ECW title once again.

Crowd laugh's and gives Morrison a pop.

Swagger: You better watch your back—something is coming your way.

Swagger signs the contract.

Morrison: You don't have to hate the player or the game, but Swagger, be jealous.

Morrison signs the contract as Paul makes it official. A stare down goes on between the two, as Swagger starts to make his way out of the ring.

Goes to commercial…

Christian’s music hits.

He walks and says he's hurt, but will face anyone for a MITB qualifier match to get to WrestleMania.

Paul Burchill music hits

Christian versus Paul Burchill, featuring Kaite Lea, MITB Qualifier Match

The match starts off with Christian being aggressive with Paul, as Paul starts to get a little offense going before Christian gives him DDT.

As Christian is hyping up the match and trying to get the crowd into it, Christian goes for a big boot, but it is blocked with a counter punch that misses Christian.

He then, gets a kick to the cut, but he gives Burchill the unfretted and then a frog-splash to get the 1, 2, 3 pin.

Goes to commercial as Christian looks at the briefcase…

Paul in his office says, "All superstars that were injured last week will be on ECW as I will take informative action."

Jack Swagger versus ?

Swagger come's out as he waits on his opponent in the middle of the ring.

Big Show music hits

Big Show comes out, as he gets ready to take on Swagger.

The two lock up but Show makes him self-look good with push off after push off. As Swagger tries to break the big guy down, he tries to give him a suplex.

It's blocked, though and countered with one of Show's own.

Show goes for the big boot, but hits the ref.

Swagger gives Show the low blow.

As he goes to get a chair, Swagger goes to the ring, but Paul runs out and throws a barbed-wire bat to Show who swings away.

As Swagger is going for the hit with the chair, he gets hit with the chair instead, due to the force of Shows bat.

Busted open, Swagger stumbles to his feet, but Big Show goes for the choke slam, lands it, and pins him for the 1, 2, 3 win.

After the match, Paul tells Swagger that next week he will have another opponent of his choosing.

If Swagger loses, that person will be added to the title match at WrestleMania.