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Debate: What Do the Cavs Need to Add to Have a Legit Shot at the Playoffs?

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Debate: What Do the Cavs Need to Add to Have a Legit Shot at the Playoffs?

The Cavaliers have a bright future ahead of them with Kyrie Irving running the point and a bunch of young talent surrounding him. In the weaker Eastern Conference, what do the Cavs need to add to their roster to have a legit shot at making the playoffs this season?


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The Cavs have a plan and they have been sticking to it. I would like to think they will be competitive for a bottom tier play off spot this year but ...
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I would love to see them make it but if not its ok. Between Kyrie, Dion, Tristan, Cj, and Zeller, this team will make it next year once these new roo...
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In all honesty? Trade for Josh Smith if he refuses to stay in Atlanta. That would put Hawks out of contention & give Cleveland enough push to take...
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Well judging by how they've all played played in the preseason I'd say they've lost all hope.
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The team has a a very solid base and a budding SuperStar in Irving. The first thing they MUST do to build for the future is trade away Anderson Vareja...
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