Bye Bye ESPN Radio's Max Kellerman

Max Jet FanContributor IMarch 15, 2017

I have enjoyed listening to ESPN 1050 Radio’s Max Kellerman on occasion, and I heavily emphasize “occasion.” The New York sports host was articulate and loved to flex his vocabulary, which makes perfect sense considering his target audience.

The one thing that truly annoyed me about Mr. Kellerman was his undying love for anything to do with the New York Giants. I know he's even worse when it comes to talking about the New York Yankees, but I'm just a casual baseball fan.

1050 AM is the home of the New York Jets, and Kellerman’s constant mockery of the team and his slobbering over the Giants’ Eli Manning was just nauseating. Manning could pass for no touchdowns and 180 yards but he constantly had him over most quarterbacks in the league.

I will miss the random tournaments he ran as they were quite fun. I will also miss his obvious jealousy toward Brett Favre. Nothing made me laugh more then Kellerman trying to persuade everyone how horrible Favre is and was.

How could anyone in their right mind pick Manning over Favre in his prime? I believe Kellerman is the only one with enough brass to do so without regret.

If Kellerman teams up with Mike Francessa on New York sports radio station 660 AM, god help us all!

Between the two of them they will have callers waiting outside to tear them up. At least Kellerman could get away.

Big Ol’ Mike would have to whistle in the rest of the penguins to help him waddle away.