Leon McQuay III High on FSU, but Is He Better off with Oregon, USC or Michigan?

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIIOctober 26, 2012

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

Florida State is getting some major interest from 5-star safety Leon McQuay III right now, and the Seminoles have to be feeling pretty good about that considering they're going to need every advantage possible to out-recruit him over the likes of Oregon, USC and Michigan—or even Vanderbilt, who he just visited.

There are a lot of options for the talented safety, but Florida State is the best one.

FSU has recently come on strong for McQuay III according to Michael Langston of Warchant.com, so much so that he's going to take a visit:

The Seminoles were not one of his finalists until the fall. Florida State assistant coach Lawrence Dawsey, his main recruiter, and defensive coordinator Mark Stoops are aggressively recruiting the nation's No. 2 safety, checking in with him each week and letting him know he is a priority.

"I like the coaches a lot at FSU, they are really cool,"McQuay said. "We talk about my upcoming visit during the Florida game, also just how much they want me, stuff like that."

Langston also reports that McQuay III will be taking official visits to Michigan, Oregon and USC as well.

The 5-star defensive back has a ton of great schools on his list, so what is it that makes Florida State his best option?

Right away, it's probably easiest to take USC out of the equation. This is not a knock against the Trojans as a program, but more so a reality of their 2013 recruiting class. Lane Kiffin already has a commitment from another 5-star safety in Su'a Cravens, so it wouldn't make sense for a talented player like McQuay III to commit along side of him.

That leaves Florida State, Michigan, Oregon and technically Vanderbilt, but I'm going to eliminate them due to the fact that I don't see them competing with the likes of these three powerhouses for the 5-star safety.

All three schools have room for a player like McQuay III in their classes—Florida State does already have a safety committed in Michael Johnson, but he's just a 3-star—so let's look at two more huge factors: proximity and chances of winning.

Oregon is the only "remaining" school currently ranked in the top ten of the BCS standings, but their recruiting class is weak so far with only 11 recruits. That plus their proximity to McQuay III, who is from Seffner, Florida, would make them the third best option.

Finally, two remain on our breakdown: Michigan and Florida State.

The Wolverines are experiencing a revival under coach Brady Hoke, and they currently have the No. 3 class in the country according to Rivals.com. It appears as if Michigan is back and ready to do big things, and bringing in a player like McQuay III to be coached by defensive coordinator Greg Mattison would be a huge plus for their program..

That said, the Seminoles and head coach Jimbo Fisher are building a contending program as well. McQuayy III could also stay in the state, closer to his family and friends if he decided to play for them.

Either program would be a great choice, so it comes down to preference. He appears to be pretty high on the Seminoles, and Langston's report does state that the staff is constantly recruiting him, and that relationship and communication is huge for a recruit.

In the end, Florida State does come out looking like his best option.

He'll be closer to home, he'll have a shot at playing for big bowl games, and he may even get to play for a National Championship if he commits to the Seminoles.

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