High School Scrimmage Features Ridiculous Flip Move

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Running backs have a few maneuvers to get around defenders, but this one found a remarkable move we hope catches on. 

Deadspin spotted this video of a high school scrimmage that instantly became a must-see event. One player goes full Matrix and flips over a defender on his way to a magical run. 

Unfortunately, there is little to no information available about this play that really should have the running back seeing some Internet fame by now. 

As Barry Petchesky writes, "We contacted the uploader for more info, but got no response. Since the video was uploaded more than three weeks ago, and barely has 400 views, it's safe to say it's either legit or the worst-marketed viral video ever."

The YouTube link has no description and there is little info to pick from in the comments section, so we ask anyone who knows anything about this to step up and offer some answers. 

Until then, we will watch this video a few more times because it's simply magnificent. 

Some might say this whole thing was set up and the players may have practiced this prior to the camera recording. We don't care. 

Improvised or not, this is still a pretty astonishing athletic move. 

Still, we like to think this running back thought of this on the fly and continues to get pats on the back from teammates. Now let's get that going on the Internet. 

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