Debate: Have the Sanctions Affected Ohio State Long Term, If at All?

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Debate: Have the Sanctions Affected Ohio State Long Term, If at All?
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As we all know, Ohio State was hit with some offseason sanctions, including a one-year bowl ban, and 9 vacated scholarships over the next 3 years. However, the Buckeyes seem to be doing better than ever, undefeated at 8-0 and currently sitting in the top-10 of rivals 2013 recruiting rankings. 

Have you seen any changes in Ohio State following the sanctions? Or was this just a brush off the back? Do you think anything will come of them?

Give us your thoughts on how the Buckeyes may, or may not, be affected by the punishment they accepted during the offseason.


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Urban Meyer does not define Ohio State, Universities define coaches. They were winning before he arrived, and would have been winning had he not taken...
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No! Urban meyer totally negated any possible sanction hangover. Just look at ohio state's record this year to go along with a top 5 recruiting class t...
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This doesn't answer the question posed, but it's related; I think that fans from other programs had some premature "OSU-is-finally-out-of-our-way-his...
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James, wth are you talking about? First of all, what is this coach defines the University crap? Nobody Ive spoken to or read had said ANYTHING that ma...
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Urban has had many players transfer that were buried in the depth chart, making the NCAA scholarship restrictions negligable at best. Urban's recruit...
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The bowl ban sucks but the scholarship reduction is barely noticeable. Players leaving the team allows Urban to bring in the talent we need to contin...
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