Ohio State: Predicting How the Buckeyes Would Fare vs. Each BCS Favorite

Tim Bielik@bielik_timSenior Analyst IOctober 26, 2012

Ohio State: Predicting How the Buckeyes Would Fare vs. Each BCS Favorite

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    Ohio State is one of only a few remaining teams in the country that is undefeated, but the only one that can't be ranked in the BCS due to NCAA sanctions.

    According to The Plain Dealer, the Buckeyes would be ranked No. 9 in the "imaginary" BCS standings if they were postseason eligible.

    The Buckeyes are considered one of the worst undefeated teams in college football. So how would they stack up against the teams ranked in the top six of the BCS?

    Here is a look at what the matchups may look like.

No. 1 Alabama

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    Almost no team in the country even has a chance to beat Alabama. Ohio State doesn't quite fit into that category just yet.

    The Buckeyes offense is Braxton Miller-centric, something the Crimson Tide defense loves to feast on. Miller and Carlos Hyde would likely be completely shut down by the talented front seven, and Dee Milliner would wipe out Devin Smith's big-play ability.

    On defense, the Buckeyes' lack of linebackers would be something the Tide would try to attack on stretch running plays or short passes to tight ends.

    In short, Ohio State, like every other team in the country, would get blown out by the Crimson Tide. They are that much better than most teams in the country.

No. 2 Florida

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    Despite recent public opinion, Urban Meyer left the cupboard at Florida far from bare. Their defense is proof of that.

    Florida's offense may not be as stout, but they have the ability to lean on other defenses and grind them down with their new-found power run game.

    It's all about the Florida defense which has not allowed anyone to score more than 20 points all season. The No. 4 scoring defense in the country can have a field day against, once again, a Miller-centric offense that doesn't feature many playmakers outside of Miller.

    This one might be a low-scoring game, especially if Ohio State's defensive line can find a way to slow down the power run game. But at this point, the Buckeyes don't have the offense to make Florida's defense sweat all that much.

No. 3 Kansas State

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    Ohio State can see quite a few parallels between themselves and Kansas State. Both teams are QB-centric, with Miller leading the Buckeyes and Collin Klein being the all-everything for the Wildcats.

    Both teams are very good at running the football, with each having top-15 rushing offenses.

    The difference is the Kansas State defense, which held a potent West Virginia offense to just 14 points, half of which came in garbage time.

    Kansas State and Ohio State would be an amazing show of two talented quarterbacks. But the tiebreaker belongs to a K-State defense that has been more reliable than the OSU defense.

No. 4 Oregon

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    Two years ago, the Buckeyes and the Ducks met in Pasadena with the Buckeyes coming out of the Rose Bowl as winners.

    This time around, Oregon's offense is much, much more explosive and the OSU defense is not quite as good.

    The lack of talented linebackers for the Buckeyes will become a huge problem with the tempo the Ducks play at. OSU's lack of depth at the position already makes it very tenuous. Not being able to sub players out at that position only makes it worse.

    Ohio State's offense is very good and plays at a good tempo as well, but it won't be able to keep up with the Ducks offense.

No. 5 Notre Dame

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    Who would've thought five years ago that Notre Dame would be known for its powerhouse defense and Ohio State would have an explosive offense that can overcome its defense?

    The Irish don't boast much on offense, but have the No. 2 scoring defense in the country with a front seven that is on an SEC level with talented players including Prince Shembo, Stephon Tuitt and Louis Nix III.

    OSU has an improved offensive line, but the defensive scheme of the Irish would likely key in on Miller, isolate him and force someone else to beat them.

    On offense, Notre Dame has a dual-threat QB of its own in Everett Golson who is still finding his way. But the Irish do boast quite a solid group of skill players including T.J. Jones, Cierre Wood and George Atkinson III that can all make plays.

No. 6 LSU

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    LSU still has problems throwing the football. But they can defend and they can run, which is still important to winning at the college level.

    The Tigers carry a potent backfield with experience, and have found a gem in Baton Rouge freshman Jeremy Hill, who has rushed for 251 yards and three TDs in the last two games.

    LSU's defense is very talented, especially up front and in the secondary. That combination spells problems for the Ohio State offense, which is an inconsistent unit that at its best is outstanding.

    LSU knows how to stuff running games which is what OSU is best at, and will force them to throw against a talented secondary led by S Eric Reid, which the Buckeyes are very hit-and-miss at.

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