The 6 Most Amazing Dunkers in Denver Nuggets History

Preston DeGarmoAnalyst IOctober 26, 2012

The 6 Most Amazing Dunkers in Denver Nuggets History

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    To the delight of NBA fans around the globe, dunking has become a major part of the game of basketball. Not only are dunks an efficient source of points, but they also carry the benefit of igniting the crowd and keeping fans engaged in games.

    As one of the fastest paced teams in the league, the Denver Nuggets throw down as much as any NBA squad, and do so with enthusiasm. But which Nuggets dunkers have really stood out? 

Honorable Mention: Kenneth Faried

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    At such an early stage in his career, it’s difficult to proclaim Kenneth Faried one of the top dunkers in Denver Nuggets history.

    However, based on the assortment of jams from his rookie season, Faried should be joining this group before long. 

5. Robert Pack

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    Robert Pack didn’t offer a lot of variety in his dunking, but he was certainly adept at finishing his signature jam.

    The 6’2” point guard was known for his tendency to take out his anger on the rim, forsaking flash for pure power with countless tomahawks and posters.

    Although the majority of Pack’s career took place outside of Denver, he enjoyed a total of four solid years with the Nuggets during the beginning and end of his NBA tenure. 

4. JaVale McGee

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    JaVale McGee has only been a Nugget for a short while, but he has already made his mark through a number of powerful slams in the paint.

    McGee is an anomaly, as one of only a select few seven-footers to possess a high vertical leap to accompany his height and freakish wingspan.

    The University of Nevada alum has had plenty of outstanding in-game dunks, but is perhaps best known for successfully dunking two balls at once during the 2012 Slam Dunk Contest. 

3. Andre Iguodala

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    Although this selection may seem a bit preemptive considering he has yet to play a regular season game for Denver, Andre Iguodala is an incredible finisher who has been a constant presence in the daily highlights in recent years.

    Iguodala is particularly effective as a finisher in transition, where he makes use of his ridiculously powerful tomahawk to punish opposing teams. His arsenal of dunks is expansive though, also including windmills and sick baseline reverse jams. 

2. David Thompson

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    David Thompson is not only one of the best dunkers in Nuggets history, but also one of the very best all around players.

    Dubbed ‘Skywalker’ for his ability to seemingly float through the air before serving up punishing jams, the 6’4” guard dunked his way to three All-Star appearances with Denver through a 48-inch vertical and a whole lot of talent.

    Thompson also boasts the impressive distinction of serving as Michael Jordan’s basketball idol while the latter was growing up. 

1. J.R. Smith

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    Easily one of the flashiest dunkers in the NBA today, J.R. Smith is the most amazing dunker to ever don a Nuggets jersey.

    Smith draws plenty of criticism for his one dimensionality and poor shot selection, but the one aspect of his game that is never questioned, apart from perhaps his shooting range, is his ability to dunk the basketball.

    Smith’s incredible agility and leaping ability allow him to convert a variety of high difficulty slams, often requiring him to adjust in midair.

    Though clips of incredible dunks by Smith can be found all around the web, this one in particular showcases Smith’s exceptional vertical, agility and power.