Why and How Big Show Could Help CM Punk Keep the WWE Title at Hell in a Cell

Tom Clark@tomclarkbrFeatured ColumnistOctober 26, 2012

photo by wwe.com
photo by wwe.com

OK, so I totally have the ending to the CM Punk versus Ryback main event match for WWE Hell in a Cell.

No seriously, I do.  Trust me.

If you have some doubts about my claim, then you’re dead on the money.  The truth is, I have zero inside information to offer on how WWE plans on ending this match.  But I do have what I consider to be an educated guess.

The issue as to why, along with other fans, I would feel the need to hypothesize about the WWE Championship match is pretty simple.  The fact is, none of us really have a clue as to how it will end.

Basically, if Punk retains, it can be viewed as a momentum killer for Ryback, who has been built up to a superhuman level.  WWE has done some real work over a period of time persuading fans that the guy is just an unstoppable beast.  It’s worked thus far, as Ryback has never been more over than he is right now.  

But a loss this soon, with the reaction that he’s getting, would possibly cause fans to take one look at Ryback and decide that they no longer have any reason to care about him.  Game over for Big Hungry.
Love that nickname, by the way.

On the flip side, however, if Ryback goes over and becomes the new WWE Champion, he does so at the expense of a man who has held the gold for nearly a full year.  Punk is second in the company only to John Cena and for him to drop the belt to an unproven contender who is not really a contender in the first place would not be doing the champ any favors.

Punk is a veteran.  He’s experienced and has been in a lot of big-time matches against some top names, and for him to lose the first time he wrestles a guy who has been important for all of 10 minutes just makes him look weak.

So, what to do if you’re WWE?  Easy.  Recruit one of Paul Heyman’s guys.  CM Punk’s not the only one, you know.

Before I get into why I believe the guy in question will end up being the Big Show, let me say that I get where fans are coming from on Brock Lesnar.  After all, he was the last Heyman project to dominate in WWE before Punk. Plus, Lesnar has not been on TV in a while and we all know that eventually he will come back, if only to build toward a WrestleMania match for next year.  He seems the logical choice to do a run-in, giving the assist to Punk.

But the biggest problem with that for me is the fact that in terms of overall popularity, Brock overshadows Ryback like Stone Cold Steve Austin overshadows Disco Inferno.

Sorry, Disco fans.  Keep on dancing.

It’s not to say that Lesnar is such a fan favorite that his presence would elicit the crowd response that Austin gets.  But an appearance on Sunday night would cause such a stir and be so over with fans that the moment he lays his hands on Ryback, he would immediately devalue the guy.

Brock is a much bigger Superstar than Ryback and his overall importance regarding what he has accomplished in his career sets him on an entirely different level than the man challenging for the WWE Title.  At the end of the day, Ryback cannot yet hope to measure up to a third of what Brock Lesnar is in WWE.

Big Show, however, is another story altogether.

Not because he is any less important than Brock, but because Show is such a heel that fans will likely not turn on Ryback if The World’s Largest Athlete interferes in the match.  Show has little to no possibility of getting babied out at all, and he would not be looked at as getting the drop on a clueless Ryback.

Show is a heel and heels cheat.  Plain and simple.

What would be Big Show’s reason for helping CM Punk, whom he had heat with in recent months? Why, that would be to return the favor.  That favor being the World Heavyweight Championship.

Heyman’s past connection to Show could pave the way for a backroom deal to be struck.  And the terms of that deal would be that if Paul in some way were to cost Sheamus the World Title, crowning Big Show as the new champ, then the Giant would later help CM Punk defeat Ryback and keep the WWE Title.

This accomplishes two things.  One, Ryback would not lose cleanly, so he could save face and his spot would not be all that affected.  His program with Punk could continue past the pay-per-view, or he could even work Show, where he could show off some of his feats of strength.

Two, and this is the big one, Paul Heyman would suddenly have both the WWE and World Champions under his wing.  He would have all the power, all the stroke, all the influence in WWE.  He has such a great character, such a masterful ability of connecting with the crowd, that anytime he’s on TV, we as fans just love every minute of it.  As the manager of both champions, and Brock Lesnar when he does return, Paul would be on TV more than ever before.

This would likely be exactly what many fans would love to see and would provide some real drama for not only Raw but SmackDown as well.

Big Show’s recent donning of a black hoodie combined with Joey Styles’ recent tweet concerning Heyman’s role as the only man to manage four WWE Champions are two factors that got the wheels spinning in this writer’s head.

Then there’s the tweet that Heyman noticed suggesting that he and Show working together at some point in the future is entirely possible.  He retweeted this to his followers and while he has been known to have some fun with fans (as Punk himself has), the truth is the door is at least cracked open to the possibility of an alliance forming again at some point.

While no one really knows what will go down on Sunday, it’s fun to speculate.  Not because we think we’re so smart, or because we’re trying to somehow skip to the last page of the book, but because we’re fans.  We love this kind of stuff.  The fact is, we live for it.  And despite what happens at Hell in a Cell, I hope we’re all in for a good show on Sunday night.  

I think that’s one possible outcome we can all agree on.