Brewers' News March 13:

Right Field BleachersCorrespondent IMarch 13, 2009


Morlan a feelin'...

Morlan a feelin'...


Thursday’s Game: Brewers 10, Padres 10

Record: 5-6-2

Game Recap

Jason Kendall and Prince Fielder each clubbed two RBI in the tie. Jeff Suppan surrendered 5 ER over 3 innings of “work” and Casey McGehee went 0 for 1.

Brewers News

Cool little feature about Eduardo Morlan: Between battling to stay on the roster, the Rule Five status, and his Cuban heritage, it’s an interesting story. The way Jorge Julio has looked so far, Morlan surely has a shot of making the team.

Mike Cameron will sit a few days with a tweaked ribcage.

Between the Green Pillars rolls the dice on Rickie Weeks: The more I read Haudricourt and Co. critiquing Richard, the more I imagine him as a child. BTGP is right; Rickie is a decent player…his potential to be so much more has led to his downfall.

I’ve been overly critical/impatient of him in past years, but I think he’ll continue to improve, but he’ll never be the player we all thought he’d be.

Why the roof works for the Brewers.

Brush up on your chalet.

Brewers WAR Lords - shortstops.


Minor Leagues

Chris Dennis is playing for a spot on the Rattlers.

The 5/3rd Burger: Reason 5,000 my vegetarian ways probably stop at three years.


NL Central

Carlos Zambrano named Cubs opening day starter.

Can salvaged Col. Sanders statue break Cubs’ curse? Nope.

Crawfish Boxes previews NL Central third basemen. Not a pretty list.


Other News

Braun likes CC. An unreadable mixture of truth and baseball speak: Seriously, CC’s awesome and Braun has been trained to say nothing damaging to his career. It is what it is.

Joe Dillon’s chance of making the A’s is decreasing: I wish the best for the guy, but he’s floating near his ceiling here.

Say it ain’t so, Bernie.

M’s sign Chad Cordero: Good sign for Jackson Z, and wise choice in destination for Cordero.

The best commercial I’ve ever seen. Ever.

You know that article everyone is talking about where Jon Papelbon calls Manny Ramirez a cancer?: Well, actually that’s like two sentences of an otherwise incredible Esquire piece. Read it, if you have the time.

Photoshop Friday featuring some NL Central alum (all three).