WWE Hell in a Cell 2012: Why CM Punk Will Make Ryback a Star

Daniel MasseySenior Analyst IIIOctober 25, 2012

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

CM Punk is set to face Ryback in the ominous Hell in a Cell structure on Sunday Night. This match is for the WWE Championship and if we are going by storyline terms, Punk is to face his biggest challenge yet.

Ryback is currently being pushed as the most dominant force in the WWE and he hasn’t yet lost a match.  

When Ryback debuted, the crowd saw the correlation between this human wrecking ball and Goldberg, a man famed for going 173 matches without being beaten.

They would taunt Ryback with chants of “Goldberg” as he was put in squash match after squash match against local jobbers.

Since then, WWE has seen fit to pit Ryback against some actual WWE talent, which he also appears to dispatch with relative ease.  

He has also managed to bag himself a catchphrase which can catapult a struggling wrestler into superstardom and toward greatness, as proven with former World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan.

With Ryback shouting “Feed me more!” in unison with the packed out crowds at Raw and SmackDown events, his popularity has sky-rocketed.

But has it sky-rocketed to WWE Championship level?

Only time will tell but at the moment, it just seems like a back-up plan to me.

John Cena has been ruled out of the main event of Hell in a Cell due to injuries picked up a few weeks ago, so Ryback has pretty much taken his place. In fairness, it is the only option that the WWE really had. Ryback is currently a face in the WWE and there is a huge lack of faces on Raw at the moment.

Therefore, to counteract Punk’s super heel turn, Ryback is the only option.

If you think about the short amount of time that Ryback has managed to gain a fanbase, it is pretty impressive, yet people still doubt his abilities due to botching his finisher a couple of times, and not being in a match for longer than five minutes.

Punk will make fans forget about this, he will make Ryback look amazing, he will make Ryback a star.

Ryback will not win on Sunday, that is a given. There are several reasons for this. The main one for me being that I do not believe after investing so much time and effort into Punk, that the WWE would just let Ryback take the title off him at Hell in a Cell before he has held it for a full year.

This is, without a doubt, going to be one of the longest matches we have ever seen Ryback compete in—testing if he is capable at maintaining his ridiculous feats of strength over a longer period of time. If he can, he will cement his position as a huge rising star in the business and continue his domination over the roster after losing the match to Punk.

Hell in a Cell has made the structure of this match a lot easier for the two guys getting ready to compete on Sunday. The metal cage will allow Punk to get some strong offence, which can keep Ryback grounded for a while, keeping him somewhat rested and dragging the match to main event length.

If CM Punk uses the cell to the best of his ability, as gruesomely and as violently as he feels the television ratings allow him to, he can make Ryback look extremely vulnerable—endearing him to the fans, whilst expanding on his own heel status.

Watching Ryback rise up from the biggest amount of torture he has ever endured will also help with making the guy a star in the WWE.

Ryback will be in the worst position we have ever seen him during this match, with Punk smiling as he stands over him no doubt. Stamina is likely to play a big part in making Ryback a star and Punk has a lot of it.

With Punk’s experience and technical skill, he should be able to help Ryback pull off some nifty wrestling moves, helping him make the most of the abilities the large man possesses. If he does this successfully, Ryback can look amazing without even trying.

Punk is quite a vocal superstar as well so any verbal abuse thrown at Ryback during the event can only help the muscular behemoth in terms of character development.

Ryback needs to get close to claiming the WWE championship to stand any chance of keeping his status as a human wrecking machine intact.

There is no doubt in my mind Ryback will be a star after Sunday night due to The Best in the World, CM Punk.


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