Twitter Responds to David Stern's Announced Retirement Date

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Twitter Responds to David Stern's Announced Retirement Date
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With the announcement on Thursday afternoon that NBA Commissioner David Stern would retire in 2014, Twitter was ablaze—that's right, ablaze—with responses, snark and witticisms. 

Or at least a lot of tweets that were intended to be witticisms.

We will get to the funny stuff in a moment. For now, here's how the news broke on Twitter, starting with Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports:

Marc Stein of ESPN had more information on Silver's appointment:

Nothing is official just yet for Silver, however, as Ken Berger of CBS notes:

Before we get into the fun stuff, Berger has a solid tidbit about the timing of Stern's departure from the league: 

After 30 years of running the show, you've likely made more than a few decisions that people question, screwed a few things up and provided folks with plenty of fodder with which to mock you once you decide to call it quits.

Thankfully, Twitter exists so that all of those things can be shared publicly. Hooray!

Wait a second, hold the phones, folks—Stern may not be retiring after all! Bleacher Report's Adam Kramer has some "breaking news": 

Somewhere, Chris Paul is smirking.

Of course, we are all wondering how the other owners of the major sports are responding to this news. Well, except for Gary Bettman, who tried to lock everyone out of Stern's press conference. Mike Freeman of CBS suspects Roger Goodell will have a peculiar response to the news:

Somewhere, Jonathan Vilma is smirking (while throwing darts at a picture of Goodell's face).

The question is, if Silver is taking over Stern's job, who will take over for Silver?'s Bill Barnwell presents a logical successor:

And here I thought William Wesley was going to be the one who appointed the new deputy commissioner...

Of course, it's always possible Stern will get cold feet. Or maybe he'll see his shadow, as Bleacher Report's Dan Levy suggests:

I like to call this the "Brett Favre Retirement."

In all seriousness, David Stern helped grow the game of basketball immensely during his tenure, and the global influence the game has can be traced back to his efforts. We joke and mock now, and we often disagreed with his decisions, but Stern was largely a positive presence for the league.

And a smug one as well. Hey, take the good with the bad, right? 

Hit me up on Twitter—my tweets have more bite than the Florida Gators.

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