Matthew Stafford to the Seahawks? Pat Kirwan Thinks So

Drew JacksonContributor IMarch 13, 2009

In a shocking move, at least to myself, Pat Kirwan released his third and most recent mock draft. I was incredibly shocked to see who he had the Seahawks picking. His pick was the following.



Time for the Seahawks to start thinking about their long-range future at quarterback. They would like an offensive tackle here, but if Stafford falls to this spot, that will change their plans.


I, for one, was not happy to see a "draft expert" seemingly go off the deep end. If the Lions wouldn't pick Stafford because it's too much money and too large a gamble, the Hawks certainly won't waste a pick on a pick that we won't need for a few years.

As of right now Matt Hasselbeck is looking good. T.J. Houshmandzadeh wouldn't have chosen Seattle if there were questions as to who would be throwing him the ball. We also can't forget that Seneca Wallace has looked like a VERY capable backup at times. (Wallace is also faster than Hasselbeck, and Jim Mora is used to working with fast QBs, i.e. Michael Vick).