Manchester Uniter Stars Could Bag £9 Million if They Win the Quintuple

Daniel GoochAnalyst IMarch 13, 2009

If Manchester United win the quintuple this season, the players could walk away with an amazing £9 million.

The likes of Ryan Giggs, Wayne Rooney, and Cristiano Ronaldo could get an extra £400,000 each in their pockets if they can complete the clean sweep of all five trophies.

The bonuses were agreed before the start of the season, and the final pay check will include separate money from each trophy.

Already the players have got there hands on a large sum of money. They have already earned £85,000 for winning the Carling Cup and The World Club Cup this season.

The FA Cup will add an extra £65,000, with the Premier League and Champions League adding an extra £200,000.

As well as all of this money for winning the trophies, the players will also receive a bonus for the appearances they have made in each competition. The more appearances, means more money.

The reds from Manchester play the reds from Merseyside on Saturday. If they are victorious then they have just about wrapped up the Premier League for another season.