England Wins, Italians Crash Out from Champions League: What Does It Prove?

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England Wins, Italians Crash Out from Champions League: What Does It Prove?

I was a Serie A fan, and still I believe the Calcio is one of the best leagues in the world.

But there is no hiding from the fact that the era of Italian clubs' dominance of European club football is long gone.

English teams seem much more powerful—the pace of their game and the tempo at which they play proves that the English Premier League's top teams have the edge over Serie A, and even La Liga's top teams.

As the Tuesday and Wednesday matches in the Champions League came to a conclusion, English media's headlines were already popping in my head.

The British media was quick to praise the English Premier League and to criticize Italian football.

Although their argument is based on facts, and English teams have truly proved they are better than Italian teams, their opinion that the English Premier League is the best league in the world is unconvincing.


Liverpool humiliated Real Madrid in a 5-0 aggregate. Surely that match was brilliant to behold for Red fanatics, however, Liverpool fielded a side coached by a Spanish manager and having more Spaniards than Madrid.

They had to win in Madrid because they felt more at home than the Real Madrid players.

Chelsea outplayed Juventus, that is a fact. But the Blues mastered the game with nine foreigners and a foreign manager.

How English is the English Premier League?

See it as you may, but in my eyes, Lady Luck was smiling upon Manchester United for 90 minutes, as Inter failed to convert three or four excellent chances.

United, meanwhile, relied on possession football. Possession football is only a synonym for modern "catanaccio". Talk about ultra-defensive football.

Who cares, English sides won, right?

Meanwhile Roma lost only on penalties against Arsenal in a fair match. Where's the outclass?

So, what does Italian football need for revival? 

There's no need for a "Special One" on the benches of San Siro, and Italian clubs do not need to get the experience of the fading David Beckham, the drying art of Ronaldinho nor does it need the free-kicks of Alessandro Del Piero and Francesco Totti.

Italians are in need of cash. If Italian clubs bring in a Roman Abramovich or a gulf Sheikh at the expense of the Italian youngsters who dream to shine on the international level, then the Serie A will command European football again.

It can happen, but is it good? 

Definitely not, just look at the English national team's mishaps. 

The FA was thinking, "What should we do to match the EPL teams' triumph in Europe? How about we play their game? Bring in Fabio Capello!"

Four English teams are in the quarterfinals of the Champions League...Hooray!

Why should anyone be happy that the European Champions League Finals are at best like watching the FA Cup finals? 

I don't mean to be sour, but the English Premier League's foreign influence has ruined UEFA Champions League football.

Mr. Joseph Blatter, I applaud you. I too call for the "6-plus-5" system. It is time for fairness to reign supreme over European football.

English club's triumph proves one irreversible fact—the power of cash is great.

But to be fair, English teams are certainly the best in the world today. It's a painful confession, but it's true.

Hats off to Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchester United and Chelsea for proving to be among the powerhouses of Europe.

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