Top 5 Touchdown and Sack Celebrations in the NFL Today

Josh Zerkle@JoshZerkleChief Writer IIIOctober 25, 2012

Last year, the thoughtful "Tebowing" kneel and the "Discount Double Check" belt-swipe were all the rage. But with all due respect to Tim Tebow and Aaron Rodgers, those moves are so 2011. 

What are the big celebration "dances" taking the NFL by storm in 2012?

We'd have to begin the conversation with "Gangnam Style," the Korean-imported track that became an Internet sensation and arguably the year's summer anthem. No fewer than three NFL players busted out the horse-inspired dance move on the field in Week 7. But what if one could ask Carolina's Mike Tolbert, Buffalo's Stevie Johnson and Giants defender Jason Pierre-Paul a question, why did it take the NFL nearly two months to catch on to it?

Another, more understated move is the "Namaste" bow, performed by Houston's Arian Foster. This simple sign of respect, which Arian summarized as "the god in me [recognizing] the god in you," has become almost as recognized as the star running back himself.

Check out our top five of the NFL's biggest on-field celebrations. NFL National Lead Writer Michael Schottey and I give our takes on the hottest moves sweeping the league right now. Check out our thoughts in our latest video feature above, and leave yours in the comments below.

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