John Cena's Untapped Dark Side

dav brenContributor IMarch 13, 2009

John Cena is a four time world champion, a U.S champion, twice tag champ and Royal Rumble winner. He starred in the movie The Marine and has released an album "you can't see me." He is loved by fans worldwide and all this by his 30th birthday.

The problem is i think he's being massivily mis-used from a creative point. WWE's writers must be tearing there hair out and John Cena must be equally annoyed. Week after week Cena is involved in some  horrible interviews and segments, he isnt funny and is sometimes cringe worthy

He brings in masses of money via merchandise and this is where the problem lies, because of this people have had signs confiscated and different camera angles have being used just to avoid Cena haters on screen.

Cena's character is screaming out for a change for the worst and i think it would be massive just as when the WWE finally let The Rock or Stone Cold turn loose. The WWE needs to follow the fans

So where now from here, Cena needs a new attitude where he can do and say what he feels, put him in a faction with Cryme Tyme, MVP, and Shelton dress them in black and have them cause havoc. Sound like the Main Event Mafia or NWO well it is and it would work, just like DX worked alongside NWO

Give them new clothing, limos, Hydrolics, PIMP them up, give them a catchy theme tune, and let's see Cena turn nasty.

WWE left it to late with Hogan probably for the same reasons money from merchandise and the paid the price, the WCW picked him up and took the chance and it paid off.