Team Rhodes Scholars vs. Team Hell No: Why Matchup Could Become a Classic

Orly Rios Jr.Analyst IIOctober 25, 2012

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What was once considered a dying division is now alive and kicking, and at Sunday's Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, the tag team matchup between Team Hell No and Team Rhodes Scholars could become an instant classic.

Team Hell No, easily the most popular tag team in the WWE, cleaned house and staked their claim as champions after defeating Kofi Kingston and R-Truth at Night of Champions. The dysfunctional duo of Daniel Bryan and Kane have taken the hearts and minds of the WWE Universe with their popular catch phrase "I am the tag team champions."

Despite the constant bickering and infighting, the team works to perfection.

Team Rhodes Scholars, on the other hand, is perfection.

Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow, the self-proclaimed "Intellectual savior of the masses," have been nothing short of perfection since first teaming up back on August 27 on Monday Night Raw.

The duo have become instant favorites as heels, even forming their duo after attacking Team Hell No.

They are a perfect team that can instantly draw heat from the crowd. Whether it's Sandow's elegant speaking prior to entering the ring, or his cartwheel after winning a match, Team Rhodes Scholars has come around at the perfect time, and at Sunday's Hell in a Cell, their matchup with Team Hell No could become an instant classic.

Here's how, in a perfect world, the match would go down, at least for me.

After a back-and-forth match, filled with Daniel Bryan's multiple kicks to the chest and Sandow's "elbow of disdain," we get to the climax of the fight.

Rhodes and Kane match up one final time when Kane grabs a hold of Cody Rhodes for the choke-slam, bringing down one-half of Team Rhode Scholars. Kane goes for the pin, but before the referee slams his hand down for the third time giving Team Hell No the win, Daniel Bryan does the unthinkable—or the predictable depending on your view—he tags Kane.

The referee holds the count at two-and-a-half and Daniel Bryan enters, immediately chanting, "I am the tag team champions!" and begins to argue with Kane, who is shocked and in disbelief. The two argue in one corner while Cody Rhodes shakes off the cobwebs and makes it across the ring to tag in Sandow, who immediately kicks Bryan in the stomach, then delivers his finisher, Terminus. The straight-jacket neck-breaker finishes off Team Hell No as the referee gives the three count, giving Team Rhodes Scholars the victory and a chorus of boos and instant heat from the crowd.

A cartwheel to exit the ring and fans are still talking about how Daniel Bryan cost Team Hell No their tag team title belts.  

On Raw the next night, the duo invoke their rematch clause, and we get a second great matchup between Team Rhodes Scholars and Team Hell No. The result is a rivalry that only strengthens the tag team division.

At least in a perfect world, that's how I would end Sunday's tag team title matchup. Either way, this is the perfect matchup at the perfect time, and for the tag team division, this is good.