Seattle Mariners' Successful Off-season Continues as M's Ink Chad Cordero

Hayato UwaiCorrespondent IMarch 13, 2009

Jack Zduriencik continues his quest to rebuild the Mariners, as he inked former Washington Nationals closer Chad Cordero to a minor-league contract.

Cordero will continue to rehab from the surgery to repair a labrum tear. Cordero will compete for the closer job once he gets healthy again, but Zduriencik wants to give Cordero enough time to recover. Zduriencik is optimistic that Cordero will help the Mariners this season.

Although Cordero might not help the Mariners this season, this deal would give the Mariners a solid closer or better. After trading away J.J. Putz to the New York Mets, the Mariners needed a closer.

Mark Lowe will most likely be the Mariners closer at the start of the season, but he won't be a long term answer because he can't stay consistent.

So as soon as Cordero recovers fully, he will take over the job. Cordero will turn 27 next week, so he still has years left. Cordero posted 128 saves in six years of MLB service for the Montreal Expos and the Nationals.

Hope Cordero recovers fully from the injury to help the Mariners, because Seattle needs a solid closer until promising prospect Josh Fields shows that he is better.