What Will The 49ers Do at Running Back?

Aaron RamunContributor IMarch 13, 2009

What will the 49er's do at the running back position isn't a very popular topic but it should be.

Since Mike Singletary has said that the 49ers will be a power running team what have they done to prove that? They signed Moran Norris back as Fullback but they also let Dashon Foster go.

Foster isn't a great back but seemed to be a pretty good backup to Gore last year he just had a fumbling problem.

So who should we look at maybe Duece Mccallister he fits that role of a power back and we defiantly need a two headed monster in the backfield this year for sure. Gore is great but he has been fumbling a little to muchin his career and I don't think he could handle 40+ carries a game.

Maybe the 49ers could draft a RB at No. 10 but who's available Knowshon Moreno he's a much smaller back but he's the best  one out that early in the draft.

Who do we have on are own roster Michael Robinson he is more of a Special teams player Thomas Clayton has never been in a regular season game ever.

The 49ers better think of something or that power running game they want isn't going to happend...