Formula One: Felipe Massa Spills the Beans

I3odaciousCorrespondent IMarch 13, 2009

With preseason testing coming to an end, the die hard F1 fans will soon be faced with the relatively short, but seemingly endless void which tests all of our patience, and is where we will all make our most educated predictions regarding this seasons pecking order before it kicks off.

The lap times alone posted during winter testing can only provide the vaguest outline of what may possibly be the running order for the first few races. More useful information, although far from concrete, comes from insight by the drivers and staff themselves.

Ferrari driver Felipe Massa has recently "spilled the beans."

Massa was quoted saying the following about the Brawn GP team, "No one can do the same times. Everyone was using less fuel, not only them. But their times were much faster than those that anyone else could do."

He also said the following in regards to his own team, "Before Barcelona we were one of the quickest on the circuit, we were very competitive, in the leading pack. Now we're competitive, but behind Brawn."

With most drivers avoiding making such bold statements, their quotes have been fairly inconclusive. Massa however, seems confident in his team's competitive positioning.

With Mclaren having so much aerodynamic trouble, and Ferrari having KERS problems, we may very well see completely new front runners at the start of the season. 

Your thoughts?