Diego Maradona's Birthday Includes Dancing and Singing with Indian Model

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 24, 2012

Do not be alarmed, because the following moments of epic celebration are just Diego Maradona being Diego Maradona. 

The football legend was in India recently and celebrated his birthday by doing a little dance, singing a little song and generally being awesome for fans. 

Yahoo Sports reports the 51-year old, who turns 52 on October 30, was in Kannur, India for promotional purposes. 

Thankfully, the festivities included a cake along with singing and dancing. For our purposes, we would like to concentrate on the dancing. 

The old man you see doing the old-man dance is Maradona, and the woman is Indian model Ranjini Haridas. 

By the looks of it, there was quite the crowd to come out for the Argentine football legend, and he didn't disappoint.

There was even an awkward singing of Happy Birthday, because no birthday is complete without the anthem. Although, Maradona looks like a scared kid being shouted the Happy Birthday song while celebrating at a TGI Fridays. 

That is until he gets the microphone in his hands, and that's when the mad man starts to feel his younger days. 

His singing is horribly off key. But at least it's done with passionate shouting. 

The cake, by the way, was reportedly 55 pounds. Which just proves Maradona is a man I would very much like to party with at some point. Preferably, on his birthday.

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