30 Sports Items That Should Be Burned

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30 Sports Items That Should Be Burned
Image via idiotsonsports.com

As sports fans, we have a lot of choices to make.

Which team to root for.

Who we want to defend in a BAR-gument as our favorite player.

In some cases, we even have to decide which game to watch (thanks, NFL Sunday doubleheaders).

With all these decisions to make, the last thing we should have to do is decide what sports items we really like. There are so many these days it can be tough to keep up.

We want the newest shoes, shirts, colognes—just give it to us all!

But we're here to remind you that just because you see something on TV doesn't mean it's actually cool. So while you want to show you're a fanatic, please take caution in purchasing, or even wearing, these obnoxious sports items.

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