Emeka Okafor Was Too Tall to Have Fun or Enjoy Six Flags Roller Coaster

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 24, 2012

Photo Credit: Deadspin
Photo Credit: Deadspin

This story is sadder than a lost puppy trying to find his way home, or a teddy bear who has never been hugged. Emeka Okafor, you are too tall for that roller coaster. 

Deadspin reports the Washington Wizards held a party for season ticket holders at Six Flag America, a time for hope, celebration and good old-fashioned fun. 

But one big kid was knocked down a peg because of his height. 

Emeka Okafor was all smiles as he sat down to enjoy Superman: Ride of Steel, but would soon find out that there are some disadvantages to being 6'10" in height. 

Namely, you are not allowed to enjoy Superman: Ride of Steel. 

Sure, the man is an NBA player and gets to hear the roar of the crowd, get paid millions, all while doing something he loves. 

But he was just kicked to the curb while he watched all his friends have fun.

I certainly hope John Wall and Trevor Ariza were around to exclaim, "Oh, man. That ride was sooo much fun. We are sooo glad we aren't 6-10."

I imagine they would be skipping while proclaiming this. 

An update to the Deadspin report issues Okafor was actually inside the ride before he was alerted of the height concern. 

That means he was sitting in a chair that promised a wave of excitement and frivolity, only to be taken out. 

It would be like sitting down to a nice steak dinner, cutting the juicy meat and then being asked to kindly leave the table. 

Still, this is better than the alternative, which would be Okafor coming back from the ride with less head than he went into it with. 

The worst part of the story has to be that Okafor is now mandated to go back to work, as a member of the Washington Wizards. 

Some guys have no luck. 

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