WWE Analysis: Is 3MB the Next J.O.B. Squad or the Next Great Stable?

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistOctober 25, 2012

photo: wwe.com
photo: wwe.com

Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal are all superstars who have suffered from a lack of character development and push over the last year or so.

Fans are always saying WWE should push more superstars and have more teams, so what did WWE do?

They took three men who have had little success in recent months and put them together to form a stable known as the Three Man Band, or 3MB for short.

I guess this is one of those "be careful what you wish for" scenarios.

But we have to ask, is this stable going to help any of the three, or will it be one more nail in their proverbial coffins?

Usually when a stable is formed, there is one superstar with some momentum who is used as a leader and acts as the backbone of the group.

NWO had Hulk Hogan. DX had Triple H after HBK took a few years off. The Ministry had Undertaker. The Straight-Edge Society and Nexus had CM Punk. Four Horsemen had Ric Flair.

Do you see where I am going with this?

Stables need someone at the front of the line to act as a figurehead, and 3MB just doesn't have that right now.

Instead what we have are three men with in-ring talent but no real strength in their gimmicks being turned into a group that seems as happy playing air-guitar as they do wrestling.

The worst thing about this gimmick is that it makes no sense for anyone but Slater, and in the end he may be the only one who comes out of this unscathed because of it.

Slater is the de facto leader of this group, since he seems to be getting all the wins and the group is a play on his old nickname of The One Man Band.

Drew McIntyre went from being the chosen one who was actually introduced by Vince McMahon to being an Axel Rose carbon copy.

Jinder Mahal went from being an affluent heel similar to Alberto Del Rio to being a rocker with a turban that seems to take away from the whole image the group is going for.

While all three of these men possess some ability between the ropes, they all have yet to showcase that certain type of charisma that makes someone a huge star, but that could end up being part of the appeal.

Nobody likes a train wreck, but we will all crane out necks to check it out when we pass it.

That could end up being the saving grace of this group. If fans are entertained by the sheer ridiculousness of their gimmick then they could end up surprising everyone and becoming a force in WWE.

Is this likely?

No, but it is not impossible. Remember Too Cool?

Too Sexy Brian Christopher and Scotty Too Hottie along with Rikishi were one of the stupidest gimmicks on paper, but in front of the live crowd they were as entertaining as anyone else.

Their trademark dances, which seemed to resemble a cross between Elaine from Seinfeld and a bad music video, turned them into one of the most popular tag teams of the Attitude Era.

3MB have a chance to stand out from the typical cookie-cutter wrestlers with this gimmick, and if they get enough time to make it work, it could be the best thing any of these three could have hoped for.

While this "rocker" gimmick is not likely to stick to McIntyre or Mahal after the group is eventually disbanded, it could go a long way toward making them more recognizable superstars.

The odds of this angle making them the next DX are slim to none, but their chances of being the next Too Cool are a bit higher.

What do you think?

Can 3MB exceed their potential, or is this just another stop on their way to future endeavors?


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